Millennium Hospital Lalmatia Doctor List and Contact Phone Number


Millennium Hospital is a prominent name in the medical care sector of Bangladesh. It is one of the best mid-range hospitals of Bangladesh. Millennium Hospital is a new hospital compared to most other mid-range hospitals of Bangladesh but in a very short time the hospital has gained its position among the best hospitals of Bangladesh. The name of the hospital reveals all the facilities of the hospital.

This hospital is mainly a specialized hospital for cardiovascular diseases but it also has many other departments available to them. This hospital has the ability to provide a total package of healthcare to the patients who need it. Most of the diseases we know of today can be treated in this hospital.

Millennium Heart and General Hospital Lalmatia

Millennium Hospital started its journey back in 2008. Since then, it has treated a lot of patients successfully without any kind of major complication. The success rate of surgery is pretty high in this hospital. It is very much important for a hospital to maintain the high standard of medical care these days as the hospitals need to cope up with the latest technology and modern form of treatment all the time. Millennium has done the job perfectly well so far as the hospital has updated itself whenever it got the chance.

Millennium Hospital is located at Lalmatia, Dhaka. The location of a hospital is also pretty much important these days. It doesn’t matter how much good medical care a hospital can provide, the location of a hospital is a very important aspect in the business of the private hospitals. 24/7 emergency service is an important part in the field of medical care.

Millennium Hospital Lalmatia Doctor List

But most of the mid-range private hospitals of Bangladesh are not able to provide 24/7 emergency service. There is a dedicated emergency service available in the hospital. One of the most skillful and experienced doctors of the region handles the emergency department of the hospital. This hospital also provides 24/7 emergency ambulance service for the patients.

Millennium Hospital is one of the most advanced and up to date hospitals of Bangladesh without any doubt. The website of the hospital is very interactive and those who have a little bit of knowledge about the internet can use the website without any kind of inconvenience. The patients can also book an appointment with a doctor via the website. There is a dedicated option on the website for the appointment.

The hospital also has all kinds of modern medical machinery needed to run a world class hospital these days. The hospital also has a diagnostics center and high-tech laboratory so that the patients do not need to go to other places for any kind of tests. The hospital also has all the modern intensive care units needed for a hospital like the ICU, ICCU and NICU.

Millennium Hospital Lalmatia Contact Number

All the medical staff of the hospital are very much friendly and know how to deal with a patient. The doctors, surgeons, nurses and the technicians of this hospital are very much experienced as they have spent a lot of time in the treatment industry.

The doctors of this particular hospital are very good. The doctors of this hospital may not be the best in the entire country but these doctors have a vast amount of experience in the field of medical care. These doctors have completed their academic curriculum from reputed medical colleges and universities of the country. To know about the doctors list and all the details about the doctors the patients can visit the website of the Millennium Hospital. In the website the patients will find all the things necessary for them.

Hotline or helpline contact number is very important for a hospital these days. As the days are passing by, people all over the world want to know more about all things around them from their homes. For that particular reason, these contact numbers are very much important. To quench the thirst of the patients the hospital has introduced its own hotline number: +88-02-9124046.

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