Mirpur Holy Crescent Hospital Ltd Doctor List and Contact Number

Bangladesh is a country where the population count is very high compared to most of the countries in the world. For this huge population we need a huge number of doctors and hospitals to meet the medical care needs of the people. In the past the number of good private hospitals in Bangladesh was very low and for that reason the people have suffered a lot.

It is true that the number of good public hospital is not sufficient for this huge population. The bed count of these public hospitals is also very low. As many private organizations saw a great opportunity in the medical sector of Bangladesh and they have established a number of good hospitals and some of these hospitals are also able to provide world class medical care.

Most of these world class private hospitals are situated at the mainstream cities of Bangladesh and especially in Dhaka. As the capital of the country, the population count of Dhaka city is pretty high. It is one of the most crowded capitals in the world. For this reason, Dhaka needs a huge number of private hospitals to meet the demands of the patients.

It is also known to us all that in recent times Bangladesh is doing very well in the economic sector and when the economic condition of a country is developing the living standards of the people also increase. People of Bangladesh nowadays seek the best medical care at an average cost. That’s why a lot of mid-range private hospitals have also emerged in the medical sector of Bangladesh.

The Mirpur Holy Crescent Hospital Ltd is a mid-range private hospital in Dhaka and may be one of the best available in the Mirpur region. It is a subsidiary of the Holy Crescent Group. The Holy Crescent Group has a number of hospitals in the Dhaka region and outside Dhaka. The Mirpur branch of the Holy Crescent Hospital is located at Mazar Road, Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Mazar Road is a prominent economic hub of the capital. The hospital possesses an eight storied building where the hospital is housed. At the same time 300 patients can be admitted into this hospital. All the modern facilities we seek these days at a hospital are all available here.

Mirpur Holy Crescent Hospital Ltd became a name of trust among the people of Mirpur. This hospital has an emergency unit and the emergency unit of this hospital is up and running 24/7. That means whenever you are in a medical emergency you can go to this hospital and you will get good service for sure.

Beside that, the hospital also possesses all kinds of intensive care units that we see in a world class hospital such as: ICCU, NICU, ICU and many more. The hospital has updated itself with the passage of time. It is very much important for a hospital to update itself with the passage of time as the medical industry is evolving every day. New kind of technology is being introduced every now and then.

Without a good medical team, a hospital is nothing. For this reason, the Mirpur Holy Crescent Hospital Ltd has employed one of the best and experienced consultants. The surgeons of this hospital are also very much experienced and have a good success rate in case of surgery. The other medical staff of the hospital are also very much dedicated to their job and know how to handle patients. The manpower of this particular hospital is top-notch without any doubt.

These days it is a very common tendency among the people to do some research before they go to a hospital. But going to a hospital just to inquire about the doctors and the services is a huge task these days. People want to learn about all these things via the website and for this reason, Mirpur Holy Crescent Hospital has uploaded all the details necessary for the patients at their website including the doctor list.

This hospital also has an emergency contact number or hotline number and the contact number is: +880-1913-821665.

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