Modern Diagnostic Center Narayanganj Doctor List 2023

Modern Diagnostic Center is a well-known hospital in Narayanganj. The address of the hospital is 207, Bangabandhu Road, Chashara, Narayanganj.The doctor list of Modern Diagnostic is available through a phone call to their authorized phone number. The phone number of the hospital is 01827-959166. Although, there are a couple of numbers are there for booking your appointment with the doctor. The numbers for doctor appointments are 01944422297 and 01890912112.

Modern Hospital lies in the mid-level category of hospital and for this, the price of the test is reasonable as well. The hospital is a landmark location on Chashara road and you can find your way even by asking if you are visiting from a new place.

Health Concern (Insomnia)

Insomnia is referred to as a sleep disorder. Those who can not fall asleep within the regular time after going to bed might be considered insomnia patients. However, this disorder is not only associated with falling asleep quickly but it also negates the proper time span of sleep. Insomnia patients go sleep later and wake up earlier than they should. It hampers the mood of the patients and their energy level plummets as they tend to be awake for so long. The disease does not only affect the physical condition but also hamper the psychological condition and routine performances of a patient.

A human in general sleeps for eight to ten hours. It might be interrupted for some reason which is properly normal. However, any stress or hassle can reduce the sleeping period to a couple of hours less. This is known as short-term insomnia which is not harmful at all and generally gets improved within one week or two. However, people might have chronic insomnia or long-term insomnia in which they spend long nights without sleep and wakes up very early compared to their sleeping time. The disorder is psychologically hard on the patient but a few simple approaches can help.


The patient generally faces severe trouble falling asleep and being asleep and has chronic insomnia. Patients do wake up at night and can not sleep or they go to sleep at very late at night and wakes up early in the morning. All these result in daytime exhaustion or lethargy. Patients lose their focus on work and make a regular errors on assigned tasks.


Thinking too much about something or a traumatic event in someone’s life can cause this disorder. Mental stress or poor sleeping habits can cause this problem as well. It is not unfamiliar that the case does rise from side effects of other medications. Also, a regular lack of sleep or frequent changes in schedules can cause this problem.


Maintaining regularity at bedtime can keep the disease at bay. Moreover, one should regularly take healthy exercise in order to stay away from this disorder. Daytime naps should be avoided.Moreover, an increased intake of alcohol and caffeine does keep the nerves active for a long thus preventing someone from sleeping. So, avoiding these drinks and smoking is recommended and advised.


A few therapeutical approaches are taken at first by the doctors before recommending a straight medication. A stimulus control therapy is advised where the patient has to leave the bed if they can not sleep within 20 minutes and should return only when they fell asleep.Daytime naps are restricted in many cases to expedite nighttime sleep. As the disease develops from anxiety or other diseases as well, medications for those secondary diseases are also prescribed.Doctors might prescribe some medications as well in order to treat the disease or disorder. A few examples of medications are Zolpimist, Lunesta, Clonazepam, etc.

N.B. Any medication without a doctor’s prescription is strictly prohibited.

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