Mount Adora Hospital Sylhet Doctor List 2023

Mount Adora Hospital is a deluxe hospital in Sylhet. Sylhet is a highly commercial city in Bangladesh and renowned for its luxurious services. The Mount Adora Hospital is not unlike the others. You can find all the medical extravagance and hospitability at this hospital. The hospital is situated on Nayasarak road, Sylhet-Sunamganj Highway.

To find the doctor list, you can easily put call any of their official phone numbers or be there in person. The admin or receptionist can simply give you a brochure with the doctor’s list printed on it. Also, while you are on call the administrative executive or receptionist can provide you with the doctor list according to the nature of your problem. The phone number of Mount Adora Hospital is +8801707-079717 and +880 1786-637476 or simply put, 01707-079717 and 01786-637476.

You can also visit the Facebook page of Mount Adora Hospital for their convenience. If you need any specific info including the doctor list, the responsive email service is already there for solving your query. The hospital has an official youtube page enlisting its services and facilities. You just have to search with “Mount Adora Hospital” in their search list. The organization is accustomed to tweeting with health preferences. If you have a Twitter account, you can find their official address with “adoramount”. For most of your convenience and a better solution to your query, you can email them. The email address is, <<>>

The hospital corp is motivated to serve with the best of its effort and its motto is to treat the patients as family members. Ethical values while treating others are highly maintained with a highly corporate mindset within. At each parameter and aspect, clinical excellence and service supremacy are retained.

The hospital contains highly acknowledged doctors who have proven appreciation in their service arena. You can call their phone number for calling an ambulance and knowing about their services as well. The hospital premises is enriched with a diagnostic center and you can avail of other services like fresh food, OPD, regular health check, etc.

Health Problems (Diabetes)

The next section of the article is dedicated to health concerns as usual. The concern which is going to be discerned is Diabetes. According to the IDF, more than 537 million of 53 crore people are suffering from diabetes in the world. It means, one in every six people in the world is suffering from this drastic disease.

Symptoms of Diabetes

There are three types of diabetes. It mainly occurs when the pancreas of your body stops producing the required amount of insulin. Insulin is a mandatory hormone of the body which is associated with the regulation of blood glucose. The symptoms might promptly be assessed when the following problems are sensed,

  • Frequent urination
  • Persistent thirst
  • Extreme hunger
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Visionary problems
  • Cuts, scratches, and sores do not heal as usual

Causes of Diabetes

The disease is a chronic problem that occurs internally and one might be the victim of it all of a sudden. If you are having more weight than usual, you have ticked the first box of being affected by diabetes. The other reasons are physical inactivity, previous genetic conditions, and obesity. 

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is most common among diabetes patients as they cover 95% of the diabetic population. Previously only adults were observed to have type-2 diabetes but nowadays children are also being attacked by this. This incident leads to the concern of genetic synchronicity related to this problem.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is more serious and if regular insulin is not served from outside or artificially, the patient is likely to face death within a very short time. This occurs mainly among high-earning individuals and obese people.

Gestational Diabetes

This is a special case of diabetes that occurs in pregnant mothers. It can occur due to hormonal imbalance, excessive food consumption, anxiety, depression, and unhealthy mood. This problem might not be persistent but there is a sheer possibility that the mother might be vulnerable to type-2 diabetes after childbirth.

Problems Associated with Diabetes

  • Diabetes is also called hypoglycemia which means a low level of blood sugar. It can appear with the following problems,
  • Diabetes can narrow down the coronary arteries or the veins of the heart. It is highly possible that the diabetes patient might be prone to a heart attack.
  • The kidney is a mass of millions of blood vessels that filter out waste. Diabetes causes dense excreta and the kidney is supposed to get harmed by the disease.
  • If the diabetes patient has any scratches or soreness or cuts, the infection is not likely to get cured within the expected time limit. If such a condition is achieved, the patient should be very careful about doing chores that can cause them any cuts or scratches. Moreover, they should also be cautious when walking, hiking, and traveling.
  • Hearing problems and hearing impairment might be felt or observed.
  • Diabetic patients are prone to Alzheimer’s. It means, they can not memorize certain common things which they should be accustomed to internalizing.
  • Diabetes enhances the sugar level of blood which bruises the capillaries or walls of the blood vessels. This can end up resulting in a failure in the nervous system.
  • Male patients might face problems with their erectile functions.
  • Depression, anxiety, and psychological imbalances are common concerns of diabetes.
  • The other associated problems are vomiting, constipation, nausea, and diarrhea.

Preventive Measures

While type-1 diabetes can not be cured without just a hard maintenance of regular insulin dosage. In such cases, the pancreas totally stops producing insulin. Though, type 2 diabetes could be kept under control by adopting the following measures.

  • Physical exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Lowering the body weight
  • Avoiding alcohol and tobacco use

*Reference: World Health Organization

Diabetes is such a problem that can not be avoided if occurred. A tiny cut might lead to chopping off associated parts in that area. So, people should be careful about being overweight or fat or obese at first. Moreover, regular physical exercise can revamp the health condition and save one from diabetes.

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