MRI Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is abbreviated as MRI. It is a powerful medical test and need high tech diagnostic machineries & chamber to finalize the test. In this test, powerful magnets and radio waves are used to illustrate the pictures inside the patient’s body in a targeted area. With the help of this test, doctor can see inside the heart, brain, spine or any other organ.

On completion of the test, patients can feel a bit of nausea or a kind of sea sickness. These conditions are supposed to be better within a very short span of time. In this article, the cost of MRI of different organs are mentioned for your overview or estimation. Please follow along the article if you want to know about MRI tests’ price and other information.



MRI of Brain without Contrast

3,000 tk

MRI of Brain with Contrast    

4,000 tk

MRI of Lumbar Spine without Contrast

3,000 tk 

MRI of Lumbar Spine with Contrast

3,000 tk

MRI of Cervical Spine

3,000 tk

MRI of Cervical Spine with Contrast

4,000 tk

MRI of Dorsal Spine

3,000 tk

MRI of Dorsal Spine with Contrast

4,000 tk

MRI of Brain with MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography)

3,000 tk

MRI of Orbit

4,000 tk

MRI of Brain with MRV (Magnetic Resonance Venography)

4,000 tk

Costs at Private Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers

Popular Diagnostic Center

15,000 tk -20,000 tk

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka

15,000 tk -20,000 tk

Medinova Medical Services

15,000 tk -20,000 tk

Padma Diagnostic Center

15,000 tk -20,000 tk

MRI is totally a non-invasive process or methodology where neither an insertion of any kind of foreign object inside the body takes place nor the patient has to provide any kind of sample to the diagnostic center. A wide range of diseases, infection, inflammation or unwanted clots are spotted through the imaging process.

MRI is also used to locate the absolute position of the infection or disease cells inside the tissue or organ of the patient’s body. MRI can also detect brain tumors as well. The test is performed on patients who typically have chronic pain, cancer or brain injury or brain infection.

The MRI process is nowadays one of the most trusted diagnosis process. It is recommended by doctors to get a precise result. It is a caution for the patients that, they do not carry any metal objects with them. Because, it can have a devastating in the MRI lab. It can overturn its velocity to few hundred kilometers per hour inside the lab and hit any object and most importantly any part of human body.

The result can be all different with worse outcome or scar. It is a must for the patient to not carry even a metal button with the pants as like the jeans pants. Though most of the testing centers have custom wears like shorts and shirts for patient and a changing room. The lab or diagnosis process need two rooms. In the testing room, there would be the MRI machine connected with wires.

On the test preparation unit have computers to decode all the signaling process into an image processing unit. Finally the processor software would create an image of the inner overview regarding that part of the body. The end result is the MRI scan reports at different time stamps. The doctors analyze the images and prepare a custom report on written format which is getable or understandable by a normal human being or any doctors. The doctors can prescribe the medicine or operation to solve the nature of the problem as per severity or to obtain the best possible outcome. 

The MRI scanning process is totally painless. Moreover, the doctors get a precise image or tissues or organs. The imaging process reports detailed imagery inside that particular part of the body. High frequency of electromagnetic signals are passed around the prescribed part of the body. The magnetic region revolves around the targeted area and help build up a proper image as per cells inside the body. This is a high-tech device and recent high-end technology.

MRI price can be different from places to places. Though very few recognized hospitals or clinics can afford them. The government should also have more MRI machines in the distant regions to give normal people a little bit of more privilege in the medical section. It is a harsh truth that, for the patients who need an MRI test to perform, might not be able to bear the rest of the cost if the solution is tested with positive disease or others problems.

If you need the MRI process right away, you can also go to the diagnostic lab without taking precautionary measures. The diagnostic centers do not want to bear a huge risk on their capital as well. So, thay also take a very close look at the garments and accessories.

Moreover, if you have a heart condition and have a defibrillators or peacemaker inside your body, you are not supposed to be inside the MRI machine. It is also strictly denied for patients with pacemaker or defibrillators not to go inside the MRI machine or lab. It can cause accidental death of the patient and instant heart attack as those can be damaged by the high electromagnetic frequency.

When you go to the most fabricated and high-end hospitals, their machines have a higher rate of response capturing. The radiation risks could be reduced from 40% to 50%, which is very convenient for the patient especially if the patient is previously carrying ill condition regarding health.

The costly diagnosis machines are very efficient with their scan time that may reduce the patients’ exposure to radioactive or magnetic frequency. It is a very common truth that, when you pay a better price, you are supposed to have some intricate facilities and gain access to a heavily precise mood of service. The service covers both the conveniences of atmospheric condition and technical sharpness.

Hope this article has give you some idea about the MRI process and also an assumption about the process methodology. If you have any more question, you can drop or leave a comment or contact, we would be happy to answer according to the research methodology.

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