Mustafiz Glaucoma Research and Eye Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

The demand for medical care is on the rise. In the last few years many new hospitals have emerged in the medical scenario of the world. Like the rest of the world in Bangladesh many new world-class hospitals have also emerged as the demand for hospitals is on the rise. The economic condition of the people of Bangladesh is getting better day by day.

With the improvement of the economic condition most of the people of Bangladesh now want to get the best medical care available out there and some of the people also want world-class medical care. Among all the new hospitals which have emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh, the Mostafiz Glaucoma Research and Eye Hospital is one of the best specialized hospitals we can find in the country.

This hospital is situated at the heart of the capital city of Dhaka. Dhaka is a capital of medical care as there are a lot of hospitals available here these days. Mostafiz Glaucoma Research and Eye Hospital is situated at Darussalam Road, Mirpur-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The best possible way to describe the location of the hospital is, it is situated opposite the Bangla College.

This hospital is housed in a three storied building and at the same time around 50 people can be admitted into this hospital. But do not judge the hospital according to its admitting capacity. This is a hospital which is specialized for the eye care and eye care hospitals do not need that much room. This hospital has the capability to offer international standard medical care to the patients at a very low cost. And the hospital has done this thing since the beginning of the days when it started its operation.

All kinds of modern medical technology is available. Such as this hospital has one of the best operation theaters in the entire country and this operation theaters are specially designed to perform eye surgeries. These operation theaters are also of international standard. Diagnostic centers are very much needed in a hospital these days.

Patients also these days seek the hospitals which have their own diagnostics center. That’s why Mostafiz Glaucoma Research and Eye Hospital has established its diagnostics center. In this diagnostic center almost all kinds of modern tests related to the eye are available and the price of tests are also very much affordable. No hospital in Bangladesh can offer less price than this.

In this hospital a modern pharmacy is also available where all the medicines are available. This hospital was designed very carefully so that the patients can get all the necessary things under one roof. But the main drawback of this hospital is that it does not have a large indoor unit. Though this hospital treats almost 250 patients a day. The rate of any service is very much low in this hospital and all classes of people can afford the treatment of this hospital.

The doctors of this hospital are very much good and have a vast amount of experience in the field of medical care. The doctors who work here have a good record in their academic career. If we also analyze the professional career record of these doctors then we will also see that they have a very decent record. The surgeons who work here are also very much good and have a very bright success record in their operations.

The other medical staff of this hospital are also very much educated and experienced. If you are interested in the service of the hospital then you should visit the website of the hospital. In the website all kinds of details about the hospital and the doctor are provided.

Mostafiz Glaucoma Research and Eye Hospital have established a call center for the patients and this center is online 24/7. So, if a patient needs the assistance of the hospital, then they can call at this number and get the help they need. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-1780-162478.

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