National Healthcare Network Doctor List and Contact Number

The name National Healthcare Network is a very popular name in the field of medical care in Bangladesh. This is an organization which is linked with the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh as this organization is the enterprise of the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh.

This organization was opened with a view to provide world class diagnostic services throughout the whole country and so far, National Healthcare Network has done the job pretty good. In the recent times, the diagnostics center of this particular network has started to turn its diagnostics centers into hospitals or clinic with a view to ensure all the people of Bangladesh gets quality treatment at a very lower price.

In a very short time, the National Healthcare Network has got a very positive review from the people of Bangladesh and the name of the organization have become a brand name in the field of medical care. All around the country this organization has more than 500 clinics and these clinics help the people to get good medical care at a very low cost. In this article we are going to talk about the organization and the clinics which are linked to this organization as all of the clinics or the hospitals of this organization have the ability to provide the same treatment.

The hospitals or the clinics which are owned by the National Healthcare Network are the same. You can get the same quality of medical care in all the branches. All the branches of these hospitals are one of the most advanced in the country as all kinds of modern medical care is available here.

We all know that; the modern medical science is very much dependent on the technological advancement these days. For that reason, these days to run a hospital a lot of modern medical machinery is needed and the National Healthcare Network have all kinds of modern medical technology available to them.

24/7 available emergency service, intensive care units, 24/7 running ambulance service and many other modern medical facilities are available here. In the modern times, the operation theaters of the hospitals have also been modernized. The National Healthcare institute also thought of that and for that reason, you will see high-end operation theaters in the hospitals which are owned by the National Healthcare Network. But the main reason of success of these hospitals is the affordability.

Bangladesh is a country where most of the people are considered as middle class. These people want the medical care but at an affordable cost. The hospitals of the National Healthcare Network have met the priorities of the mass people and that’s why they succeeded. Another thing that played a major part in the success of these hospitals is that, these hospitals are everywhere. In all parts of the country the branches of these hospitals are available.

In the recent past the National Healthcare Network also started its own nursing institute and a research center. A total of 30 hospitals and medical centers are linked to this organization.

Without a good working force, a hospital cannot stand by its own. Doctors are the main power which runs a hospital and that’s why the quality of the doctors determines the quality of the hospital. The National Healthcare Network understood the importance of good doctors and that’s why this organization have hired one of the best doctors of the country. These doctors have a very good career if we look back at their medical care history. Some of the doctors who work at these hospitals also have foreign medical degrees.

The surgeons who work in these hospitals have a very good success rate in terms of operations. The operation success rate of these hospitals is around 85% which is a pretty good margin.

These days, it is very much important for the hospitals to have emergency contact number. So that, the patients can get good medical care whenever they need it. The emergency contact number of the National Healthcare Network is: +880-02-9015561.

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