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The establishment of the National Heart Foundation occurred in 1979. The location was set at Mirpur and the founder of the organization was Abdul Malik. He was the national professor of Bangladesh. This organization is dedicated to heart patients in Bangladesh. You can get a variety of tests and have quality doctors at National Heart Foundation.

The National Heart Foundation is a non-government organization. There are 480 beds available in the hospital and they can afford the treatment of the same amount of patients at once. Those who are suffering from intricate cardiac diseases and suffering from financial problems should go to National Heart Foundation for their treatment. Because even after being a non-government organization, it is a non-profit organization. So, you have to spend a very limited amount of money on your treatment.

It is tough for the government to support the huge amount of patients throughout the country. Also, the urban areas and the rural areas are not enough equipped with high-tech medical facilities. To support the government in the treatment of heart or cardiac patients, this specialized hospital is very much suited.

The foundation is also supported by a couple of international organizations. A number of training activities and academic activities are held on the premises. WHO and World Hypertension League simultaneously carry out academic works. Earlier the institute had 450 beds at its disposal but they have increased the accommodation and included 30 beds. Both invasive and non-invasive cardiac surgeries and treatments are implemented at this institute. The cost and charges are a lot lower and many poor people can afford this.

It is a huge growth in the medical sector people are getting high-class treatments like pacemakers and heart surgeries at National Heart Foundation. This is not only a single institution but also 45 institutes are associated with NHFB. The NHFB is abbreviated as National Heart Foundation Bangladesh. It is not always necessary that people need to go to the institution for their information. But they can talk with an executive any time for their query.  The phone number of NHFB is +58054708-12. Moreover, someone can send a fax to their number and their fax number is 48039237.

The Government of Bangladesh is supporting the medical cause for decades and this leads to the successful treatment of a lot of people. Heart diseases are one of the most intricate problems of human health and need a good amount of finance to support the cause. For this reason, many people can not afford it. The Government hospitals along with NHFB are supporting the cause.

The people of Bangladesh are not enough careful about diet issues and eat haphazardly. For this reason, many grown-up people and foodies become the victim of heart disease at a considerably lower age. Though most heart patients are from the older generation but many middle-aged persons are prone to heart diseases nowadays.

The middle-class people and rich people of Bangladesh are fond of red meat, and fats. These lead to a huge mass of saturated fat inside the body. This fat is totally persistent within the body and does not get released until a heavy burning of calories, fats, and fasting. Also, Bangladeshi people are not accustomed to having olive oil or almond oil, or canola oil in their food which is not bad for the heart. The people of Bangladesh take soybean oil or palm oil which is very dangerous for the heart and the body. To keep your body healthy, you have to reduce the amount of palm or soybean oil intake in your food. Also, you can take oils that have unsaturated fat in them.

It is also advised that you should not take red meat after the age of 40. It is much better if you can have some physical exercise regularly. One should also maintain a diet chart to keep the body in proper condition. Moreover, keep an eye on whether your body is having enough micronutrients or not. Because the micronutrients are required for your healthy metabolism. Micronutrients include Vitamins and minerals which are much necessary for your body.

If you decide to have some physical exercise, you have to take advice from some trained professional or trained athlete. According to your amount of exercise, you would also need a good amount of nutritious food to keep your stomach safe. An amount of 2000 calories is needed for a healthy person while the protein amount should exceed 50 grams. Also make sure to have enough water, vegetables, and fruits to keep your liver, and kidneys safe. If you take only protein, your creatinine level would increase along with the said organ problems.

The National Heart Foundation is serving for a long time with a great deal of care to their patients. The doctors are very expert in their fields and have appreciable degrees in their fields. If you can not get the required treatment from your local Government hospital for your cardiac disease, you should reach Dhaka for better treatment. NHFB is one of the best facilities in terms of heart disease and a good amount of care is taken there.

Heart patients should always consider keeping their cholesterol level low. Cholesterol is a sticky molecule and creates a chain. These sticky chains gather in the arteries of the heart and create blockage in blood movement. This reduction in blood movement in the heart is called blockage and is considered as the main reason for heart failure and heart attacks.

You can get a huge scale of treatments for your heart problems and other common problems. The National Heart Foundation Bangladesh also has an ambulance service for the quick movement of heart patients. It is a great concern for patients in Dhaka to worry about their transport and the private ambulance service saves the lives of many.

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