National Heart Foundation Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

As the days are passing by the number of specialized hospitals is increasing around us. Specialized hospitals are hospitals which only treat a particular kind of illness or the illnesses related to a specific organ of the human body. The number of specialized hospitals is increasing in Bangladesh too as the demand of these hospitals is increasing with the passage of time.

Bangladesh has a huge population and for these reasons people need a lot of hospitals to fulfill the demand of so many people. The National Heart Foundation is one of the specialized hospitals of Bangladesh. It is not any ordinary specialized hospital but one of the most well-known hospitals in Bangladesh.

National Heart Foundation Hospital is situated at Mirpur-2, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is one of the largest hospitals in Bangladesh with a bed count of 330. This is a specialized hospital for the patients who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases. This hospital can treat almost all kinds of cardiovascular diseases. In the past when most of the cardiovascular patients of Bangladesh had to travel abroad, this came to an end after the establishment of this hospital.

Nowadays most of the patients who search for good cardiovascular treatment go to this hospital. The cost of treatment is also very much moderate in this hospital. We all know that it is a very daunting task for the patients to go abroad just to seek medical attention.

National Heart Foundation is now constructing a 15 storied building at the Darussalam Road, Dhaka with a view to serve a larger number of patients. This hospital is an international standard hospital and one of the oldest specialized hospitals of Bangladesh. For its good service this hospital has received a number of awards and international recognition.

National Heart Foundation Hospital is one of the few hospitals in Bangladesh which has all the modern equipment necessary for an international hospital today. This hospital has its own 24/7 active ambulance service. Besides all kinds of modern equipment needed for a diagnostics center is also available in the hospital as the hospital possesses a world-class diagnostics center and a high-tech laboratory where they can do all the necessary tests.

This hospital also has a number of high-end operation theaters and intensive care units. All the world class hospitals need to possess these two things compulsorily these days as these things are more than necessary in the field of medical care these days.

National Heart Foundation Hospital is a place where you can get a very good treatment at a very low cost compared to other cardiovascular specialized hospitals. The rate of operation and other services are quite cheap too. Since the establishment of this hospital there is no severe allegation about this hospital’s service. In recent times the hospital also introduced many packages for the patients.

There are a lot of patients who do not want to spend a lot of money and do not want to face the problems of doing all the things separately and for this reason a lot of hospitals offer packages for the patients. If a patient buys a particular package, then the hospital will take care of everything from medicine to operation.

The doctors and the surgeons play a very crucial role in determining the standard of a hospital. The National Heart Foundation has hired the best cardiovascular doctors and surgeons in the country. Most of the doctors of this hospital also have foreign medical degrees. If the patients want to know more about the doctors and the hospital then they have to visit the website of the hospital and there all the necessary details are provided.

The other medical staff of this hospital are also very much experienced and they are quite capable of providing a world-class medical care.

It is a necessary thing for world-class hospitals to have an emergency contact number or helpline number. The National Heart Foundation Hospital also has its helpline contact number and the number is: +880-1400-118118.

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