National Hospital Chittagong Doctor List 2023

National Hospital is a full-fledged hospital in Chittagong. The address of National Hospital Chittagong is 14/15, Mehedibag, Chittagong. It is a landmark point of Chittagong and convenient to a lot of people. The hospital is dedicated to the well-being of patients with the motto of “Putting patients first”. The health security of patients is the first priority of National Hospital regardless of prices or comparison.

For your information about the doctor list, you can commendably dial their landline number or cell phone number. The landline number of the hospital is +02233357914. The National Hospital has three helpline numbers as well. The primary helpline number is +031-623753 and other dedicated numbers are analogous to each other. The other numbers are 627913-4. It means you can change the last digit (3 or 4) and you are good to reach an executive member of the hospital. It is to discern that, +031 is the area code and while dialing from a landline the “+” is not required. You can also call the landline numbers from your cell phone.

The hospital has a cell phone number as well. The number is 01855-677500. If you want to submit a detailed query, you can also drop an email to them. The email address of the hospital is and if you have an internet connection, you can visit their website for viewing all of their services in detail. Moreover, there is a Facebook page that is very responsive to the query of patients. You can follow the page for their update and for asking your questions. The link is <<>>

The hospital is not only known by the name of National Hospital Chittagong but the formal name of the hospital comprises of the general name and the name of their diagnostic center. The full name of the hospital is “National Hospital Chittagong and Sigma Lab”. It surely indicates that the hospital has a diagnostic center and you can trust their services and credentials.

The hospital has been awarded numerous awards around the country and the globe. The clinical awards of the hospital include “Topdoctors” awards a couple of times and “Doctors’ Choice Awards” twice as well. Hence, you can trust their services and can believe that you are in sophisticated hands while being treated from there.

The difference between this hospital with other hospitals is that they do not just treat you as a generic patient rather they take full care of you as long as it is needed. If you need further care or a balanced diet or advanced review or treatment strategy, everything is taken care of with prominent attention.

There are few additional services from the hospitals which make it more special and popular to the patients. It has readily dispatchable ambulance services all around the year. Moreover, you can be assured of safe drinking water and food from the hospital’s food unit. You do not need to rely on food from the outside for this. It might look like ordinary services but is a lot significant in real-time. On top of that, if you need custom food to satisfy your treatment or according to your nature of food intake, the hospital is well dedicated to serving accordingly.

The hospital nurses, executives, managers, and servicemen are dedicated to providing their best effort in terms of hospitality. Each and every patient is treated with utmost respect and care. You can expect all-round cleanliness across the whole environment. The hospital labs and operation theaters are fully developed with state-of-art equipment and are much more praiseworthy.

Along with hospital information, the articles inspire you with health concerns and knowledge regularly for maintaining your future healthcare terms. This article is dedicated to your aging process and your steps to improve your immunity.

The aging process is quite simple but the agent which causes the aging can be quite harmful if there is little vulnerability in your immune system. The aging process is caused by free radicals. Free radicals are very reactive as they have an extra electron in their molecular structure and can bind with any receptor.

It might not sound dangerous but it is because it can also create a diversion in your genetic structures of DNA. And once it is able to manipulate your DNA, you can be a victim of diseases like Cancer and other genetic disorder. DNA is a molecule that has an active part called genes. Genes lie in the edges of DNA and play an important role in the attributes of your whole body.

The free radicals can bind with your DNA and can produce an aberration in your genetic structure. This is not common in every situation but it is the fact behind the cause of cancer. So, you have to maintain your immunity and synergy of your body and how is that possible, you can find in the following steps.

Free radicals can be neutralized by antioxidants. Anti-oxidants are simultaneously effective in neutralizing free radicals and maintaining the synergy of your body. It slows down your aging process and can help you look younger or better. Your aging signs are not totally stoppable but they can be slowed down with a healthy and sustainable body that everyone cherishes.

If you want to get anti-oxidants, the answer is very simple which is “Alpha-tocopherol or Vitamin-E”. The skin of pigmented or colored fruits or the exocarp or pericarp of those fruits is your best source of your anti-oxidants. You can also consider colored vegetables as a source of your Vitamin E. Though, only vitamin E is not enough to save you from aging or diseases but the topmost item to serve the purpose.

You definitely have to think about your immunity as well. Anti-oxidant can not fully control your aging process and there is enough room for your inclination to diseases. You have to get enough fruits and vegetables for your immunity. You also should take eggs and dairy products as per your financial convenience as a quick source of your vitamins. Maintain a healthy nutrition chart and diet plan for overall safety on your part.

Albeit, it is not possible to say that someone is completely safe from disease but a healthy lifestyle can reduce your health cost in long run. Finally, maintain all-around hygiene for better health and freshness of your mind.

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