Nibedita Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Around the world, child disease is one of the concerning things nowadays. A lot of children around the world die at a very early age because of lack of good medical care. But with the passage of time the situation has improved a lot. The infant mortality rate and the mortality rate of children around the world has decreased by much. But still the children fell ill and face health related complications.

Nibedita Medical Center Ltd

Like the rest of the world the children of Bangladesh also faced a lot of health issues and died an early death. The rate of children falling ill and the mortality rate of the children has also decreased in Bangladesh in the last few years. But it is a very serious issue for the Bangladeshi people. To improve the lifestyle of the children and provide them good medical care a lot of private child care hospitals or centers have been established. The Nibedita Medical Center is one of the best children medical-cares of Bangladesh.

The people of Bangladesh always felt the necessity of good children’s hospitals. As the number of public children hospitals are very low compared to the population of Bangladesh. In the past there were only a few hospitals which had special children care units. But the situation has changed when many private hospitals started to offer dedicated children care units.

Nibedita Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List

Many specialized hospitals were also built for the sake of children. The Nibedita Medical Care Center Ltd is one of those hospitals. This hospital was created with a view to provide world class medical treatment to the children of Bangladesh. The Nibedita Medical Center Ltd is situated at Dhanmondi, a prime location of Dhaka. This hospital has the ability to house around 100 children at the same time. The hospital is situated in a 4 storied building.

The doctors are the soul of any hospital and the quality of a hospital totally depends on the doctors entirely. The doctors of the Nibedita Medical Center Ltd are well educated and know how to deal with a patient. These doctors are specially trained to provide world class medical treatment to the children. It is a very difficult job to treat the children but this particular hospital has done the job pretty well so far. The hospital also bought all the modern medical machinery needed to run a specialized hospital for the children.

The hospital also has an emergency department. In this hospital one can find a lot of departments. All the departments have the ability to provide good medical care to the patients. The hospital also has a super facilitated operation theater. The hospital has also established a special unit for the autistic children as these patients need special care.

Nibedita Hospital Dhanmondi Contact Phone Number

The Nibedita Medical Center Ltd started its own ambulance service a few months ago. This ambulance service is available 24/7. Nibedita Medical Center Ltd gained a huge amount of popularity in the last few years just because of its service. The cost of treatment is pretty low in this hospital and for this reason a huge number of people prefer this hospital rather than the other ones.

The doctors of this hospital are particularly trained for treating children. The doctors of this hospital have vast experience in the field of treating children. The patients or the relatives of the patients want to know about the doctors or at least they want to see the doctors list before going to a hospital these days. That’s why hospitals around the world have come up with an innovative idea. The idea is to upload the doctor list of a particular hospital at its website. So that the patients can access the list whenever they want. The Nibedita Medical Center Ltd has also done the same thing.

The helpline or hotline contact number is very much important for any kind of hospital these days. Via these helpline numbers the patients can get connected with the doctors or with the hospital very easily. Nibedita Medical Center Ltd has also done the same thing and this hospital also has a helpline number. The helpline number of the hospital is: +88-02-58153705.

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