Nibedita Shishu Hospital Ltd Wari Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Child medical care is a very concerning thing for the people around the world. If you look at the past of the world, we will see that the child medical care system of the world was very poor in the past and the mortality rate among the child or the infants was very high in the past. But with the passage of time the medical care sector of the world has come a long way.

Nowadays, we can treat almost all kinds of diseases and the doctors and the scientists have found a cure for most of the diseases. With all these advancements the medical care of the children has also improved and these days there are a lot of specialized hospitals around the world which are for the child’s medical care. With the rest of the world the medical care system of our world has also changed dramatically and nowadays we can also find specialized child hospitals in our country.

Nibedita Shishu Hospital Ltd Wari Doctor List

The Nibedita Shishu Hospital is a very common name among the people of Bangladesh. This hospital has several branches around Dhaka and around the country. Nibedita foundation is a name of trust when it comes to the treatment of children. The Nibedita foundation has been working for the children’s welfare for a very long time. Nibedita has moved to the childcare medical sector a few years ago and in a very short time they have earned the trust of the people of Bangladesh.

The Nibedita Shishu Hospital is a specialized hospital for children. All kinds of child diseases can be treated in this hospital. This hospital is also one of the oldest private child care hospitals available in our country. It is a fact that experience plays a huge part in the medical industry and the Nibedita Shishu Hospital Ltd has a huge amount of experience.

The Nibedita Shishu Hospital Ltd Wari branch is situated at 11/1 Hare Street, Wari, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Wari is a very prominent location of the capital of Bangladesh. In this area a lot of hospitals are available and almost all the hospitals in this area are very good. The Nibedita Shishu Hospital is one of the best in terms of treating children.

As the economic condition of our country is improving day by day, the people of our country are trying to lead a good and healthy life. The people of Bangladesh are also more concerned about the medical care of their children. A total of 300 patients can be admitted into this hospital. The Nibedita Shishu Hospital of Wari is housed in a seven storied building.

Nibedita Shishu Hospital Ltd Wari Contact Phone Number

Nibedita Shishu Hospital may be the oldest private child care hospital of our country but the hospital has always updated itself with the passage of time. All kinds of modern treatment facilities for child treatment are available in this hospital. This hospital has always tried to maintain the world class standard of child treatment and has been successful so far.

The Nibedita Shishu Hospital is a complete hospital. This hospital has its own 24/7 ambulance service, all the modern medical equipment needed for a hospital is available at this hospital too, this hospital also has a 24/7 available emergency unit, all kinds of intensive care units like the ICU, ICCU and NICU are available at this hospital. The Hospital also has multiple high-end operation theaters and a diagnostics center.

The doctors, surgeons, nurses and all the other medical staff of the hospital are well-qualified and experienced. These days the doctors list of a hospital is very important to the people for this reason all the world class hospitals have uploaded all the details needed by the patients at the websites of the hospitals. The Nibedita Shishu Hospital Ltd has also done the same thing. The people can find the doctors list of the hospital at the website and the Facebook page of the hospital.

The hospital has an emergency contact number which is available to the patients 24/7. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-2-47111760.

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