OGSB Maternity Hospital Dhaka Doctor List and Contact Number

If we look back at the history of the world, then we will see that the rate of death during pregnancy and the maternity period has decreased by much as the days passed by. Being a parent is a wonderful feeling without any doubt but without good treatment a pregnancy can be fatal for a woman. For that reason, the doctors and the people who are related to the health care community have put a lot of emphasis on the care of pregnant women.

In many countries they also have established specialized hospitals, clinics and many other medical institutes a long time ago. The rate of death of pregnant women was also very high in our country but the rate has decreased as people become aware of the fact that the pregnant woman needs special medical care.

In recent times many specialized hospitals and clinics have also been established in Bangladesh so that the pregnant women here in Bangladesh can receive good medical care. The OGSB Maternity Hospital Dhaka is one of those hospitals for pregnant women. The full form of the term OGSB is Obstetrical and Gynecological Society of Bangladesh.

This is a non-profit organization which works with the Government of Peoples of the Republic of Bangladesh. This society was founded back in 1972 and since then it has worked and helped a lot of women during their pregnancy. OGSB consists of a total of 2180 members throughout the country. These members help pregnant women of all classes around the country. After serving for several years the foundation has thought that they should open a hospital of their own and the OGSB Maternity Hospital is the result of that decision.

The OSGB Maternity Hospital Dhaka is one of the best specialized maternity hospitals you can find in the soil of Bangladesh. This hospital is situated at Zoo Road, Road No. 2, Mirpur, Dhaka. The hospital compartment is a five storied building and a total of 100 patients can be admitted into this hospital at the same time. The medical equipment and technology this hospital has is outstanding without any doubt. It is a very old hospital but it has kept up with the pace of the technology all the time. Like the world-class hospitals it has never delayed any kind of update at their medical machinery.

The OGSB Maternity Hospital is a very popular hospital among the people of Dhaka. Because the rate of treatment in this hospital is very low and people from all classes can afford the treatment cost of this hospital easily. OGSB Maternity Hospital also treats the people who don’t have enough money to afford the cost of the hospital for free.

All the operation theaters of this hospital are of international standard. Besides, this hospital also has its intensive care units for the patients who are in critical condition. Ambulance service is a very important feature for any hospital and this hospital has a 24/7 ambulance service.

These days the patients are very advanced and most of them have access to the internet. That’s why the patients expect to see all the details of a doctor and the details about the hospital on the website of the hospital. Providing all the details of a hospital in the website also determines the status of a hospital to some extent. That’s why the OGSB Maternity Hospital Dhaka has also uploaded all the necessary details about the hospital at the website of the hospital and there you can also find the doctors list of the hospital.

These days the patients also expect a hospital to have a helpline number or a hotline contact number so that the patients can get in touch with the doctors and the hospital whenever they want to. The demand and the welfare of the patients is the main priority of the OGSB Maternity Hospital. This hospital has an emergency contact number and the number is: +880-1799-499712.

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