OGTT Test Price in Bangladesh

The OGTT name is taken from the medical test system of Oral Glucose Testing. This test is performed to measure that, whether the patient is losing an excessive amount of glucose from the blood. The loss can be both by urine or any other excreting procedure. The test is done to have a potential or exact measure of the diseases like diabetes, reactive hypoglycemia, beta cell function, acromegaly, insulin resistance, or carbohydrate metabolism.

Mode of performance of the test

To perform this test, the patient first needs to appear at the diagnostic center and fill up the necessary paperwork. After completing the paperwork, the patient is drawn to the zero-time (baseline) blood collection area. A baseline blood sample is obtained from there. Later, the patient is given a glucose drink with a specific known amount of glucose in it.

Then, there is two hours of waiting period involved for the patient afterwards. After these couple of hours gets passed, the glucose level of the blood is measured. The quant variables are assessed within the normal range to check whether the patient has any deterioration within glucose discharge function.

The modes of the test might be different from each other. The doctor might need a broad and larger sample as per the condition of the patient and according to an extended timeframe. So, the sample collection might elongate up to six hours after the glucose sample is given. The glucose sample is given after five minutes of the first drawing of the blood.

Variation of doses and variation of glucose amount

There are variations within the amount of glucose intake by mouth. The amount is summed up or reduced as per the need to the test and age of the patient.

The World Health Organization has provided a rounded-up guideline of 75 grams of standard glucose drink for any adult person. This is the most widely accepted method while the patient has to take this amount of glucose or finish this drink within five minutes. The amount of glucose might be reduced as per the age of the patient.

If the patient is a child or teenager, the amount of glucose within the drink would be reduced in congruent of the age. The health condition and the weight might also avail the doctor to go for any tweak in the amount of glucose provided to the patient.

The same procedure is done for pregnant mothers but with a different density level of glucose. The standard amount is put to 50 grams for each hour. If the doctor recommends a longer time span, the glucose amount will increase as per the time scale assigned for delayed glucose intake. In case of a three-hour test, the basic dose is supplemented by 100 grams of glucose intake over the next three hours after the first one. The consumption period is same as the before which is five minutes.

The UK has followed it with a little bit of a different approach. Instead of custom-made drinks, they have prepared a factory-made drink beforehand. The drink contains carbonated flavors to provide pungency within the general banal glucose drink. Though, elevation in the process has made their remarks here also.

Nowadays purpose oriented drinks have been introduced to bring more accuracy to these tests. The different types of tests have more observational molecules to redirect the human body to a more subtle situation where the test become more specifically exact.

Reference range for plasma glucose

A normal person for plasma glucose test is supposed to be tested with 5.6 milli mole per liter. It is also written as 100 milligrams per deciliter. The different systems of calibration can follow different rules. Though, ISO or International Organization of Standardization parameters are mostly followed throughout the world. If the patient is on a fasting level test, the amount of glucose concentration below 7.0 mmol/L is considered safe from diabetes.

Oral glucose challenge test

This test is specially assigned to pregnant women. This is a short test and it can be taken by any normal person or any woman at any state to gain an overview over glucose tolerance. Glucose tolerance is not measured thoroughly for this test which is just the brief checking of state in this manner. This mostly helps detect gestational diabetes in pregnant women. This test is done over the first hour of the glucose test where only fifty grams of glucose supplement is provided to the test taker.

Sample Collection Methodology

The standard option from the WHO (World Health Organization) is to collect the blood sample in an invasive way with inputs taken from the veins. Though, nowadays a less invasive way has been more popular among patients. This is called collecting the prick blood. A tiny tip of a needle is used to cause a prick on the fingertips and a drop of blood is collected for testing. The machines are digitalized also.

Though, the main purpose of designing this kind of machine is to serve the people who are suffering from diabetes. Because diabetes patients need to monitor the level of glucose in their blood at frequent intervals. This machine has helped ease the pain of multiple vein interventions on a regular basis. Though, while having a standard test, it is advised to collect the blood from the vein but for the rough testing of diabetes patients, this automated procedure can be used as a reference.

OGTT test price in Bangladesh

The price of OGTT lays within the range of 400 taka to 500 taka in Bangladesh. The fee or charges might differentiate from one place to another but the range is quite the same within said amount.


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