Padma Diagnostic Center Test Price in Bangladesh

Padma Diagnostic center is a private limited company that helps people in many parts of Bangladesh with a convenient rate of services. The institution got established in 07 November 1986. Their founding members started it on a small scale. With a vast range of effort and services, they grew in scale. They started their healthcare services and diagnosis on a good note. It made its bounty and started its journey towards progress. In the beginning stage, the diagnostic center started with very few services.

They availed ECG, centrifuge machine, hot air over, colorimeter, X-Ray machine, ultrasonogram, microscope, and typewriter to diagnose diseases or disorders. Padma diagnostic center allocated its first computer in 1988. The computing system back then used the method called ELISA. This was the first computing device got installed in Bangladesh in the healthcare sector.

Within a few months, the organization arranged fiber endoscopic machine, which was a high-end tech machine back then and renowned in the whole world. Which started its thought with a little implementation, soon became the habit of the organization to use state-of-the-art tech analysis machines in the healthcare arena.

The governing council visited individual countries before buying any of the machinery or equipment from any part of the globe. Please read through the article to know more about the services of Padma Diagnostic Center and you would find a list (chart) comprising of prices of test services with their price.

List of tests and their prices at Padma Diagnostic Centers

Test Name Price (In BDT/Taka)
Lipid profile (Random) 1000
HBsAg 600
Urine R/E 300
Random blood sugar 150
Serum creatinine 400
Blood grouping & Rh factor 200
ECG 350
X-Ray chest PA view (Digital) 600
Needle, tube & reg. charge 110
Complete blood count (CBC) 400
Ultrasonography of whole abdomen 1800
Serum Bilirubin (Total) 250
Blood sugar (Fasting and 2 hrs ABF) 300
HbA1c 1000
Liver function test 1000
Serum uric acid 400
Serum electrolytes 1000
TSH 700
Pap smear 1100
Mammography of Both Breast 2000
PSA 1000

Benefits of testing from Padma Diagnostic Centers

The corporation has a large set of diagnosis machines. It is very convenient for the patients to find all of the diagnosis services under one roof. Especially, when the doctor is around and the same complex has access to state-of-the-art pieces of equipment. In brief, we can call it a one-stop service regarding Diagnostic services.

While a patient is taking several tests, it is a matter of concern that many can not afford a high amount of price for all the tests. In this case, Padma Diagnostic Services are lot ahead. They are user-friendly. They can provide people service with a little amount of service charge. The price of tests is relatively low in Padma Diagnostic Centers.

If you move to other diagnostic centers and compare the prices, you would find a difference within the price range. You are free to explore and hopefully, you can consider Padma Diagnostic Center as one of the convenient options who are providing high-quality in lab testing and machine testing.

The range of doctors

The appointed doctors in each section of medical care are highly qualified. Their consultation with great accuracy has brought acknowledgment to the organization and Padma Diagnostic Center keeps a close eye to serve the patients with good health care advice.

Emergency Ambulance Service

Padma diagnostic centres have emergency ambulances at each of their branches. These ambulances are ready to disperse at any given moment. Anyone is free to call their ambulance and can use their ambulance service during time of medical intricacies. It is not just close to emergency situations, patient can move with the help of their ambulance service anytime. There are additional ambulances to serve numerous people at once.


The people in Padma Diagnostic Centre are very friendly and welcoming. They serve the best interest of patients with a great cordial attitude. The visitors and patients are treated in a heartfelt way. The quality of their attendant service is kept in priority.

Virtual Reporting System

Padma Diagnostic Center has updated their system with all the other standard private healthcare organizations. The report collecting system has been made online. Anyone can provide their credentials and can access the report whenever it is supposed to appear. The patient or patients’ attendants do not always need to go to the lab or diagnostic centers as before and can collect the report online. The efficient reporting team updates the test reports whenever it gets completed.

Standard Sets of Technicians

The technician teams are very efficient. They are given a chance to serve under the radar of the organization only if they have acquired good academics and experience. The team is experienced and has prospects in serving.

Moreover, there are female technicians available in each diagnostic center to provide privacy to the female patients.

Computerized Serial Management

Generally, patients need prior appointments with doctors. The previous method was to collect an appointment token in person. Though, it has changed recently. People and patients can book a prior appointment via internet. It has made life easy for a lot of service acceptors from this organization and saves a great deal of time.

Quality Water Management

All the patients and visitors can access the purified water system of Padma Diagnostic Center. They use RO plants to secure the concern of water. RO plant purifies water and mixes an adequate amount of minerals with water to serve the highest interests of the human body.

Power Management

The whole facility is under the service of the standby power generator. Whenever the lights go off, the automated power backup serves the purpose. It is a standard procedure and is necessary to provide uninterrupted services.

Prayer Hall

To accommodate praying facilities to the customers, a prayer hall is taken into account of the Padma facilities. People can attain prayers and say their prayers at their convenience.

Sample Collection at Home

It is not mandatory to provide the samples of diagnosis at the lab or testing centers. People can call Padma Diagnostic Center and staffs are dispatched to the location of the patient. A skilled and efficient team of lab attendants takes care of this procedure and collect samples in a proper manner for the highest convenience of the patients.

Parking Facilities

A spacious allocation of space is set out to accommodate parking. People can safely park their automobiles and stay free from all kinds of unnecessary burdens of thoughts.

 Waiting Lounge

Each Padma Diagnostic Center has spacious waiting lounge for the attendants of the patients. They can spend their time comfortably at those lounges while waiting for the report or doctor’s appointment.

All these facilities make Padma Diagnostic Center a prior choice for customers/patients to take services from them. As the price range is pretty low, it is a prominent choice of many people to take services from.

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