Parkview Hospital Doctor List 2023

Chittagong has recently experienced a number of quality healthcare facilities. Parkview hospital is one of them. You can get quality healthcare, diagnosis, and full-fletched medical services from the hospital. The hospital’s address is 94/103, Katalgong, Panchlaish, Chittagong.

For the doctor list, you can simply dial their authorized phone number and an executive member will be there to help you with your query. The phone numbers of the hospital are 01976022333 and 019760022111. Moreover, you can dial their telephone number for any of your questions or doctor list and the telephone contact is +8802334455071. Your detailed queries are solved by informing them by email. The email address of the hospital is <<>>. 

The hospital authority’s view is to try endlessly to save lives. The hospital dreams to provide healthcare services to billions. The appointed doctors are such in quality that the authority aims to be the leading healthcare institution in near future. The hospital has individual units for each treatment sector which are saturated with quality doctors and associates. Adding to this, you can have a fully functional diagnosis unit along with ICU, CCU, Dialysis unit, OPD, etc.

Health Concern (Menopause)

Menopause is not directly a disease but rather a common biological process in the female body. To be sure of the problem, one has to experience a year-long stoppage of the menstrual cycle. This inconvenience generally occurs in the female body after the age of 40 or 50 and in between. It is hard to tell the exact period but this can occur anytime within that range.


The most common thing associated with menopause is that the female experiences a proper cease or irregularity in their menstrual cycle. The vaginal fluids also tend to get dehydrated during this period. Though this is not directly related to physical hamper women experience mood swing which results in a number of problems. The other problems related to this are excessive sweating, hair fall, chills, sleeping disorder, reduced metabolic activities, weight loss, etc.


The disease most commonly occurs due to the aging process in the female body. The female body tends to lose hormonal activity in the late 30 and it tends to come to an end when menopause occurs. Also, a few surgeries which include removing the surgeries can bring menopause to a woman. However, it has been observed and found that women who go through high amounts of radiation or chemotherapy experience early menopause as well.

Associated Problems

Along with the symptoms, there are a few health problems that come parallel to menopause. Osteoporosis, arthritis, and calcium deficiency occur due to menopause. Cardiac problems are also associated with this. Individuals who experience menopause can not bear children in almost cent percent of cases and their sexual functions get limited.


Females are treated with a scanty amount of estrogen for vaginal wetness. Hormonal therapy is also provided to many for delaying the process. Calcium D and arthritis medications are also provided to prevent osteoporosis. To improve the mental health of the women, they are supplemented with antidepressants.


A healthy lifestyle is always appreciated. A lot of water, healthy food, aerobics, and exercise help the body to keep the hormonal function active for a longer period. Regular eating, pelvic exercises, and a life without smoking or drinking always boost immunity and help delay the process of menopause.

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