PBF Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

PBF test is normally known as peripheral blood smear or blood film. In this test, the microbial observation or microscopic attributes of blood are evaluated. A small sample of blood is taken and a drop is put on the slide. That blood is spread throughout the slide with the help of another slide to view the particle properties closely under the microscope. This observation is taken into account to determine if there is the presence of any blood parasites like filaria or malaria.

You can read through the article where you would find a specific package regarding PBF test prices in Bangladesh. Moreover, the article is packed with scientific data for your proper learning about the test and the problems associated with the test.

Preparation and methodology of PBF test

In this test, a drop of blood is spilled on a slide and another slide is used as a spreader. This spreader slide helps create a thin and singular layer of blood particles over the slide. This singular layer is called a monolayer. The purpose of creating a monolayer is to observe the blood particles under the microscope and provide proper space to the particles to ensure accurate observation.

After the blood is spread over the slide, it is kept open for air drying. Later, it is immersed into methanol for a very short time span. This process is called the fixation of blood particles. A few stains are added to the sample for the sake of clear viewing of the cellular details.

PBF test price in Bangladesh

PBF test price is well under 500 taka. In some of the diagnostic centers, you can consider the test price as convenient as 300 taka. Government organizations might consider your test for a lower price while many other private hospitals could ask for more.

The PBF smear test

PBF smear is one of the most accurate methods for testing the microbial presence of various diseases lying on the blood particles. The complete blood count test is also performed along with this test. The automated analyzer is granted as a reliable technology to act on CBC tests while it is worthless for PBF. A lab assistant or microbiology technician is appointed to find out manually to observe whether any disease has affected the blood or not.

The microscopic scrutiny can help determine a few other associated problems as well. These reasons for which the test can be advised are sickle cell anemia, anemia, iron deficiency, anemia, megaloblastic anemia, pneumonia, and microangiopathic hemolytic deviance within the blood film. The amount of white blood cells is also taken to count to germane with microbial intervention.

If the foreign particles are able to affect the reference amount of white blood cells and intervention is regular in pattern, a conjecture could be made as if a disease might have taken place.


The microscopic magnification is used up to a thousand times zoom than the actual sample size. This much of magnification can be very handy to provide an accurate report.

Most high-end diagnostic centers provide online reports nowadays. These reports can be taken from the online portal of that diagnostic center or hospital. In order to take the test and to get the report through the internet, you could be asked to fill up basic paperwork. This paperwork would also help you while collecting the test report in person if you are having it this way.

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