PCR Test Price in Dhaka 2023

PCR test is the abbreviated form of polymerase chain reaction. The DNA molecules in any given sample is carried out to get multiplied up to a number of millions or billions. The organization of protein molecules defines the nature of the DNA while an accurate transcription of the data can decrypt the features.

This article is formulated to provide you with proper scientific data about the test price and a section particularly delivered to let you know the test price itself in Dhaka. It is much more convenient if you take the test from any government hospital. But if you doubt the quality or want to save your time, you can take the test from a private hospital or diagnostic center.

To carry out the decryption process of a DNA strand require a huge number of similarly encrypted DNA to scrutinize. The encryption process of the DNA is much more complex and a vast range of variations is carried out throughout the specimen. For this reason, a single spectacle DNA or a few similar strands of DNA are taken for examination where a large number of snippets are required. The polymerase chain reaction takes care of the multiplication process to provide enough DNA strands to work out. 

PCR test price in Dhaka

PCR test is available for 3000 taka in Dhaka. For people who are traveling abroad, it has been lessened to 2500 taka. Though, if you can reach DMC or SSMC, you might be able to take the test from 1500 to 1600 taka.

Process of PCR test

There are a few steps through which the strands of DNA of a specific region are amplified. The steps start with a collection of DNA bases and adding buffer solutions, DNA primers, enzymes, and thermal cycling. The main challenge in this test is to specify the target region which is affected by the disease or disorder. When the strands of responsible DNA are found, the PCR test is run on them.

The sample is collected and heated in the specialized heaters. Heat is the purpose for which the double strands of DNA are converted into a single strand. When the strand is isolated, Taq polymerase is used to combinate the DNA structure into the same opposite sides each of them. Finally, a DNA with similar structures in both directions comes out. This kind of DNA is multiplied with the help of a polymerase chain reaction.

The bases of DNA are different but the phosphate bonds of DNA serve as the structure of the DNA. These phosphate structures are multiplied in this test. The PCR test is a renowned lab testing procedure across the entire world to make the desired DNA amplified enough to be tested at ease.

Types of sample

Few body samples from the body are taken as samples for PCR. The most common form of samples are blood, nasal swab, saliva, nasal mid turbinate swab, etc.

Reasons for which PCR test is advised

There are a few common phenomena that drive doctors to advise this test. Some of these common causes are,

  • Predicting the presence of cancerous cells
  • Genetic abruption
  • Symptoms of COVID
  • Any kind of aberration
  • Infection or inflammation
  • Swelling

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