Popular Dhanmondi Doctor List 2023

Popular Hospital is a branded name in terms of healthcare and diagnosis in Bangladesh. The authority has 26 locations across Bangladesh and has gained the reputation of being the highest quality diagnosis service around Bangladesh in the private sector. Only Dhaka is contained with 12 establishments of Popular hospitals and diagnostic centers.

The address of Popular Dhanmondi is House-16, Road-2, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205. Dhanmondi is a prime location in Dhaka with extensive residential areas, commercial centers, and many other service regions. All of these make it a principal destination for patients. The most crucial role behind the supremity of the hospital is the quality of healthcare treatment, expert doctors, diagnosis, and specialized services.

 For those who are seeking medical attention, a doctor list is a huge gain for them. Additionally, it is a modern display of service of Popular Hospital that allows you to book an appointment online as per your nature of concern. If you want to get the doctor list, the most convenient option for you would be to be there in person and ask for their custom brochure which contains the full list of doctors. Also, you definitely have the opportunity to call the Dhanmondi section of Dhaka and have their phone number.

 There are a couple of hotline numbers for Popular Dhanmondi which are 09666787801 and 09613787801. You can simply can either of them and any of the executive members would give you the list of doctors. You can certainly dial the numbers from your cell phone and the land phone. Moreover, you have to liberty to call their dedicated cell phone numbers as well. The cell phone numbers are 01553341060-61. If you want to send your disease-related documents or some copies of your report, you can use the fax services as well. The fax number of the hospital is 9666804.

 The hospital has dispatchable ambulance services all around 24 hours. You have to dial the hotline numbers for that. It is not the case only in Popular Hospital but all the hospitals and organizations keep the hotline numbers as their most prioritized number. The authoritative executives attain these numbers and the queries are solved with the utmost attention.

Generally, these numbers have extensions to not disallow any of the calls. The authority is open to discerning or criticism or recommendation. It should be the viewing point of an organization anyway. In short, you can submit your points of view or recommendations anytime. You have to use their email services of theirs. You definitely can ask for a doctor list or any other service-related question through email. The email of the hospital is <info@populardiagnostic.com>

 On top of these, generic facilities are also available at the premises where you also get high-quality diagnostic services available at your disposal. You can get the advantage of in-house fresh foods, beverages, and water as per your recommendation. The facility is spacious and the quality of care is maintained with special care.

 Medical conditions are common for people but there are ways to minimize the loss with adequate nurturing of your health. By taking care of your nourishment and synergy you can simultaneously reduce the cost of your disease and get released from the fatigue or hassle of the treatment. The first recommendation of healthcare is to take care of the nourishment of your consumption.

Only bulky food is not beneficial for your health until you systemize your diet. The diets are only effective when you can optimize your nutrition pattern. It would be hard for a non-technical person to untie the knot of proper nourishment but is possible by a nutritionist or a doctor. Although an individual can pull it out with a proper amount of study or research.

 The basic recommendation involves a proper 2000-2500 calorie intake per day from your food in accordance with your physical activities. Any calorie amount less than 2000 units can affect the metabolism of your health. Though, the protein amount along with the micronutrients has a huge effect on your body. Proteins are a necessary part of your body that develops your muscle. If you are deprived of proteins, your muscle would not get built, and even after having a bulky body, you would be vulnerable from the inside. On top of these, proper maintenance of micronutrients can help you develop the immunity that saves you from diseases.

 Your main sustainability from diseases (immunity) comes from vitamin C which should be taken on a daily basis. Vitamin C is available in sour fruits like lemon, guava, orange, tomatoes, mango, grape, chili, and vegetables like cabbage, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. You should not take an immense amount of vitamin C on some days because the extra amount gets excreted through the urine. It also exerts pressure on your kidney and renal unit. Rather the quantity should be maintained up to an amount of 75mg per day for men and 90mg for women. It develops your teeth as well and is mandatory to take on a daily basis.

 There are other micronutrients as well like calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, and chloride. These overall support metabolism of the human body. Metabolism is the energy-processing procedure of the human body. Albeit, the metabolism of the human body might collapse and the electrolytes or micronutrients might fail to reach organs of the body if they do not get enough amount of hydration. Water or hydration liquids help the micronutrients to travel through and reach certain parts of the body through blood.

Even if the metabolism and nutrient distribution is accomplished by blood but the regulatory effects of the whole body process are hugely dependent on the hormones. Hormones are secreted from different glands and a zenith quality liquid. A lot of food is capable to produce only drop levels of hormones. Hormones are also active on a minuscule level. You have to maintain all the above dietary elements to keep your hormone balance at an optimal level. While thinking about the body, a sustainable healthy diet and nutrition plan can provide a greater advantage to the health of each person.

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