Popular Diagnostic Center Bogra Doctor List 2023

Bogura, previously known as Bogra is a commercial city in North Bengal. Although, it is not a divisional city but worth a lot of commercial aspects and rhetorical historic backgrounds. The city is a highly populated one and looks even more packed due to the compact nature of its roads. Regardless of these problems, the city is highly developed and enough infrastructure is there to facilitate the parameters. Like other developed cities, Bogura also has a number of healthcare facilities and Popular Hospital is one of the ventures.

 Popular Diagnostic Center has a couple of branches in Bogura. Both the premises are quite close to one another. The address of the first branch is House # 12/305, Thanthania Bus Stand, Sherpur Road, Bogura and the address of the second branch is, House # 310, Thanthania Bus Stand, Sherpur Road, Bogura.

 To acquire the doctor list of Popular Diagnostic Center Bogura, you need to call either one of the hotline numbers of the hospital which are 09666787812 and 06913787812. You can book an appointment with the doctor by calling any of those numbers and you can call an ambulance as well. In order to find detailed information about the hospital or to suggest any recommendations, you can send them an email. The email address is <info@populardiagnostic.com>>. 

 Popular Diagnostic Center is not just a diagnostic center but has full healthcare facilities within its premises. The hospital is a private limited hospital and has all amenities that you can expect from a hospital. It has OPD, ICU, CCU, and defibrillator facilities for the highest stature of medical care.

 Another highly appreciated feature of Popular Diagnostic Center is that you can download your test reports from the hospital’s online portal. You would need to provide the credentials that you were assigned during the paperwork for the test. However, this facility is yet to be approved in the Bogura branch.


Health Concern (Back Pain)


The highest number of disabilities in the world is caused by back pain. There are four types of back pain which include chronic, acute, subacute, and recurrent. The preventive measures are quite helpful for people who are aging below 60. However, if the preventive acts fail for some reason, home remedies, correcting the positions, and proper exercises can heal this problem remarkably.



Back pain can start from the muscles and can spread up to bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and even legs. The patient can feel a burning, stabbing, and hard aching sensation around the back region. If the problems sustain longer than a week or do not get healed even after proper rest, one should seek medical advice.


Heavy lifting or a sudden strain can cause this problem. Also, a huge percentage of back pain sufferers relate to arthritis problems. An unnatural sitting condition or stance can engender this problem as well. Moreover, those who do not have enough bone strength might suffer osteoporosis which could lead to back pain.


Some aerobic, stretch and moderate exercise can solve this problem. Also, one should maintain a healthy weight in order to get saved from this disease. Because, when one gets excess weight than normal which their bones are not used to carry might develop such pains. The sitting posture, standing posture, and lifting posture have to be corrected for avoiding bone problems.


Painkillers and proper rest are suggested to the patients. Moreover, a gas relieving tablet is accompanied by each dose of painkiller. Sometimes, doctors prescribe muscle relaxants as well. On top of these, pain-relieving ointments and creams are also being used over the past couple of decades.


N.B. Any medication without a doctor’s prescription is strictly prohibited.

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