Popular Hospital Dhaka Doctor List 2023

Popular Hospital is the highest achiever in the medical and diagnostic arena among the private organizations in Bangladesh. Overall there are 12 branches of Popular Hospitals in Dhaka. The head office of Popular Diagnostic is situated in Dhanmondi. The address of the hospital is House Number- 16, Road Number- 2, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka- 1205. The area is immensely pressurized by humans due to residential establishments and commercial occurrences; the healthcare services are also on the higher side in this area. Though, Popular is thriving and still on growth in this competition.

If you are seeking quality healthcare and trying to get the list of doctors for your evaluation, you can simply place your query over the phone to their phone number. The hospital authority or any of the executive members or the receptionist is able to provide you with the doctor list. To obtain the doctor list, you can dial any of the following numbers 01553341060-61 or 09666787801 or 09613787801. The fax services are obsolete nowadays but still, you can reach the hospital via their fax number which is 9666804.

You can also book your appointment over the phone which can ease the hassle of going there in person. Transportation is such a huge torment in Dhaka due to traffic congestion and that stresses a lot. A virtual appointment or information is a massive convenience for patients or adherents.  The hospital authority is available around the clock for providing services. Also, you can get the doctor list of Popular Hospital from their website or ask them for any of the information via <<info@populardiagnostic.com>>

Our site promotes health concerns on a regular basis and the topic beneath is immunization. Immunization is an artificial process and the process is accomplished with the help of a vaccine. In a vaccine, a foreign molecule is inserted into the human body and that helps grow resistance of the body against disease. Proper vaccination is the basic right of a human and it can prevent the disease from afar.

The Government of Bangladesh provides common vaccinations to children free of cost and is mandatory for parents to facilitate the vaccines to their children. There is a 5-in-1 vaccine that serves resisting against five diseases. Those are polio, tetanus, Hib, Diptheria, and whooping cough. Moreover, the parents need to expedite a few other vaccines for their children. Those vaccines are pneumonia, BCG, DPT, Hepatitis B, measles, rubella, Haemophilus influenza-B, etc. Due to the recent outbreak of the pandemic COVID, it is recommended to take the COVID vaccine regardless of the age of the beneficiary.

To take the vaccines for free, you have to go to a public hospital or Government hospital. There you can facilitate your child with these vaccines. Also, you would be provided with a vaccination card which comprises dates and credentials. You have to appear at the hospital with your child to the hospital on the following dates. The first vaccine for tuberculosis is provided during the birth of the child. Later doses of other diseases are at six weeks, nine months, and fifteen months of the child’s age. As the children are naive, it is the full responsibility of the parent.

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