Popular Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List & Contact Number

The popular hospital is one of the largest chains of hospitals in Bangladesh and is renowned nationwide due to its convincing hospitality. This prestigious organization started its journey in the year 1983. They have not looked back since then and have been a pioneer in private healthcare centers within the country. The medical facilities of Popular Hospitals are available round the clock and open to all the people of Bangladesh.

Each test and prescription here is authorized by an accredited healthcare practitioner. The head office or main administrative complex of Popular Hospital is situated in Dhanmondi. You can find a list of doctors available in this article and also can know the facts about this institution.

Their motto has been “Health to all”. As per their saying, Popular Hospital is providing state-of-the-art diagnosis at a convenient cost. Moreover, you can avail yourself a standard package of tests within a relatively short budget. These packages are good for individuals who take routine health check-ups and who have a range of tests to measure the complete nature of the disease.

It is a great gift to the nation to educate them with proper skills. Popular Medical College Hospital is serving the nation with quality doctors. There are reserved seats available for international students as well. Their overall aptitude is trained to an international level and all the medical students have to go through a standard professional medical exam to get certified.

It was the liberation war of Bangladesh when Bangladesh lost a lot of lives due to the lack of medical care. Later, the condition got worse. Many people were suffering from a bunch of diseases and there were only a few organizations to help them. These conditions inspired the founding members to build a national level of treatment facility for the general people of Bangladesh. Since the start, the hospital has been unparallel in terms of services. Through complete satisfaction, accuracy, and dedication, they were able to achieve concrete trust from people.

This has been a long-term achievement that is under the belt of Popular Hospital. The founding members and doctors inspired the upcoming doctors to serve the way if they did. All the diagnosis equipment are bought as per international standards. It has been a special aspect of consideration that, all the reagents used in the lab has to be in proper and absolute chemical condition. Because the diagnosis or test reports could go wrong even with a slight amount of adulteration.

You have to follow standard paperwork in order to get services from the institution. Any of the patient’s appointees can also do that or the governing recruits are also there for filling up the forms. In many complex operations, the doctor asks for consent from the patient or any of the patient’s blood relatives. So, it is always better to know about your test and have someone with you.

The head office and other branches have a wide passage for parking and it is a great benefit for the patients to take this facility at such place. The wide hallways and waiting lounges have been made comfortable for the patients. Anyone can take all the necessary information from reception and get their desired treatment.

The institution has capsule lifts, emergency elevators, and a wide staircase for people. If you are worried about any type of privacy, please do not be. There is a fat bulk of women lab assistants, and doctors to maintain the privacy of the women. It is a matter of fact that, you would be mesmerized by the quality of hospitality from the organization.

Anyone can book an appointment with the doctor in person or they can log into the web portal for having an appointment. Upon completion and payment of an appointment, the patient has to see the doctor at the said time.

If you want to reach the facility at any given moment, there is an emergency landline number and you can talk to an executive right on. It is a great deal of relief to have a proper guidelines of the institution from home and it helps the patients to get an overview of the facts.

Popular Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List

Doctor List and Area of Expertise
Dr. Biplob Kumar Roy

MBBS, MPH, MCPS ( Medicine ), MD ( Neurology )

Assistant Professor


Dr. Ferdousi Begum


Specialist, Gyne. & Obs.

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Professor Dr. AKM Anwarul Islam

MBBS, FCPS, FRCS, FICS Clinical Fellow in Urology (WHO)

Professor, Department of Urology

Urology – Renal Transplantation Surgeon

Dr. A H M Rowshon

MBBS, FCPS (Med.), MD(Gastro), Commonwealth Fellow-gastro (UK)

Professor, Department of Gastroenterology

Liver & Gastroenterology

Dr. Farzana Sohael

MBBS, FCPS (Gynae & Obs)

Assistant Professor, Gyne. & Obs.

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Dr. A.N.M. Harunur Rashid ( Uzzal )

MBBS, MS ( Ortho )

Assistant Professor

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Professor Dr. A.K.M. Rafique Uddin

MBBS, MD ( USA ), FCPS ( Medicine ), FACP ( USA )

Professor & Head, Department of Medicine


Professor Dr. Abdullah-Al-Safi Majumder

MBBS, D. Card, MD(Card), FACC, FSGC, FRCP Research Fellow, NCVC, (Japan) WHO Fellow in Cardiology, USA

Professor of Cardiology

Dr. Biplob Kumar Roy

MBBS, MPH, MCPS ( Medicine ), MD ( Neurology )

Assistant Professor


Dr. G M Reza

MBBS, MCPS (Surgery), D(Ortho), MS (Ortho), AAOS (USA)

Consultant, Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. A K M Motiur Rahman Bhuiyan


Assistant Professor, Medicine Department

Medicine & Rheumatology

Dr. ( Capt. Rtd. ) H.S Ferdous

MBBS, DEM (DU), FRMH (Australia), MACE (USA) Ph.D. Fellow(DU), Ex-Visiting Associate RMH (Australia)


Diabetes & Endocrine

Professor Dr. Faruque Ahmed

MBBS, FCPS ( Med. ), MD ( Gastro. )

Professor & Head, Dept. of Gastroenterology


Professor Dr. Farhat Hossain

MBBS, FCPS (Gynae) Fellow-Gynae Oncology (TATA Memorial Hospital, India)

Professor, Gyne. Oncology Specialist

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Dr. A N M Zia-Ur- Rahman

MBBS, FCPS. FICS Trained in Gastroenterology (Japan)

Principal & Professor of Surgery

General Surgeon

Dr. Khandaker Qamrul Islam

MBBS, D.Card (DU), Md (Cardioloty), FACC (USA)

Associate Professor


Professor Dr. Kohinoor Begum


Professor, Department of Gynecology

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Dr. KBM Hadiuzzaman

MBBS, MD ( Nephrology )

Assistant Professor

Kidney ( Nephrology )

Professor Dr. Kazi A. Karim

MBBS (Dhk), DDV (Vien), MSSVD (London)


Skin & VD ( Dermatology )


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