Popular Hospital Mirpur 10 Doctor List 2023

Mirpur is one of the most crowded populations of Dhaka. This massive amount of pressure requires heavy medical attention on a regular basis. Popular Hospital is serving high-quality healthcare service in this area. The Popular Hospital of Mirpur is situated at Mirpur-10, the heart of Mirpur, and a landmark point of Dhaka. If you are living in Mirpur or have gone to Dhaka for medical purposes, it would be a lot easier to reach the location and expect quality healthcare from the area. The address of the hospital is House- 02, Block- A, Mirpur 10, Dhaka.

For your information or list of doctors,’ you can simply view the popular website or call them on their official phone number. The official phone number is accredited and a convenient way for you to get the doctor list. The official land phone number of Popular Hospital Mirpur 10 is 029669480. This phone number is also the hotline number of Popular Hospital which is available for all your conveniences around the clock. For your further convenience, you can call their cell phone or reach them via your cell phone as well. The cell phone number of the hospital is +8809613787807.

Email services are the most cost-friendly option for you to let them know your query or opinion. If you only have an internet connection over your phone or other devices, you can send the email and the hospital authority is responsive with mailings. The email address of the hospital is <<info@populardiagnostic.com>>

The hospital is more recognized for its diagnostic services around the country and this is not very different from the others. The hospital is also called Popular Diagnostic Center as the hospital premises is attached together with the diagnostic center.

 Now as usual the health factor. This topic is a bit complicated and the subject is creatinine. Creatinine is a serum found in the blood and the problem of serum creatinine can occur from a high amount of undissolved protein. The measurement could be made by testing the blood and is a basic test. It can either occur from kidney failure or some other physical problems. If the kidney fails for some reason or is found in inferior quality, an attenuation could be reached by a replacement or via dialysis.

The most common symptoms of the problems are itching, fatigue, vomiting, less appetite, swelling, and nausea. The final decision could only be made after a proper diagnosis. The solution to the problem lies in the problem itself. The most fundamental reason for higher creatinine is, taking a high amount of protein without having a corresponding amount of fruits or vegetables.

On top of it, many people get obsessed with their weight control and take heavy exercise without enough dietary guides. Here, a heavy exercise demands a heavy protein but many do not include enough veggies and fruits to dissolve them properly which results in a high amount of creatinine.

Though once affected by the problem, you can assuage the condition in the primary stage or keep the situation well under control by accepting the following steps,

  • Lower or diminish protein intake
  • Limit your salt intake
  • Increase the fiber amount in your food
  • Get rid of smoking
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Consult with a physician about all your fluid intake

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