Pregnancy Test Kit Price BD 2023

Pregnancy test kits are up to 99% accurate when the test is done according to the instruction. In general, the accuracy rate falls between 97% to 99%. Most of the time, the positive results could be counted as true. But, in case of negative results, you should be cautious. You can also run the test twice or more. Because, many of the times, the pregnancy kits show negative results which are false.

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So, it is very important that, you follow the instruction and run the diagnosis process more than once. Pregnancy kits are easily available in medical stores or pharmacies. Anyone can buy test kits for testing the pregnancy condition at home. The process is fairly easy and the price is pretty convenient. There are many companies that produce and sell pregnancy test kits around the country.

It has been a common commodity throughout the last decade for a vast amount of people from all around the country. Follow along to get to know about the price of pregnancy test kits from different companies or qualities.

Get Sure Pregnancy Test Digital Cassette Device Kit (HCG Check Strips for Urine)

This pregnancy test kit is made by Getwell which is a sister concern of RFL group. It is very easy to use at home. The test process is faster than many other pregnancy test kits. Women can use it easily without any hassle. The tested accuracy rate of this kit is higher as per the reports. The result can be obtained from three to five minutes.

It does not have the requirement to take any medical precaution before the test. The price of this product is only 60 taka. With this amount of money, you can buy only one strip. It is recommended that, you should take more than one test before you can come to a result or a culmination point or conclusion about whether you are pregnant or not.

Bio Test Pregnancy Test Kit

This test kit is one of the most precise testing kits available in the market. You can get up to 99% accuracy in its results. The kits come in a package of the plastic casing. It increases the efficiency of the test. It helps the inner chemical kit to keep away from any kind of mechanical injury. It also have a plastic coating over the result plate which is an adequate measure to keep the original strip away from any chemical reaction from the atmosphere or any other chemical which came previously in basic contact. In-home condition, it is a granted choice to be taken as a basic strip.

Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

This test kit is made in Bangladesh with the technology of Germany. There are three cassettes in each pack. The retail price of this pack is 300 taka (for three sticks or kits).

Smart Care Pregnancy Test Kit

Smart Care Pregnancy Test Kits are one of the kits which come at a relatively low cost. You can buy one kit for 54 taka only at a retail price. The testing procedure is as normal as other testing kits and pretty convenient to use in home conditions.

Pregnancy Kit Free With Ovulation Kit

Prega News company offers two pregnancy kits free with a pack of ovulation kit. The ovulation kits contain four strips of ovulation strips. The total cost of this kit is 590-640 taka. The ovulation kit is basically used to assume the fertility condition of a female. This strip is also used as the pregnancy kit and the pregnancy kit is as general as other prega news strips.

Symptom (before when the test might be required)

There are a few symptoms that you should measure before worrying about getting pregnant. The process are verily known to women but it is for a general checklist. It can help you start thinking about it or to get concerned about being pregnant. The symptoms are listed below for your proper derivative about the conclusion.

  1. Whether you are trying to take baby for previous few weeks.
  2. The normal menstruation schedule have got expired few days back as it was supposed to be.
  3. You might feel a little cramp at some individual parts of your body.
  4. There might be mild possibilities of your mood swings in such a way which you have never encountered before or thinking it as not the usual.
  5. There might be some sort of nausea. Sometimes it might be expressed as morning sickness. Though, it can happen at any time of the day, especially during the night or morning.

If you find some of these symptoms worthy enough to think about, you can opt-in for a pregnancy test kit. It can let you consider, whether you are pregnant or not. To be sure about it, you can test and be aware of the time schedule for the next doctor schedule or any other decisions of which you or both the spouse can think of.

How To Use The Pregnancy Kit Properly (Step-by-Step Guideline)

To test this kit, you have to take a bowl or pot, or cup to take the urine sample. Then, take a dropper and put urine drops on the test stick/kit. This would take three to five minutes time to provide a result. The process is similar to chromatography where the density of the chemical pass through a certain lengths of chemically reactive paper. If you see one strip present on the result sheet (which is just at the middle or face point of the pregnancy kit), you can think that you have preliminary passed the test of not being pregnant.

Though, you have to test it twice (at least) in terms of negative test results. Because many of the test kits might have been damaged either mechanically or chemically or by some other means. Albeit, if you see two stripes in the test kit, Congratulations! You are going to be a mother in the future and can think of your measures. To get sure, you are free to take the test twice or use any other brand if necessary. Positive tests are mostly accurate.

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