Prime Bank Eye Hospital Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

We see the world through our eyes. Without the eyes we can not see a single thing and that’s why eyes are one of the most important organs of a human body. Eyes are the most important asset of a human for sure. But it is a very common scenario in the world that a lot of people around the world suffer from a lot of illnesses related to the eye.

A lot of people around the world also use prescribed glasses on a daily basis and the complications related to the eye are increasing day by day. As the complications related to the eyes were increasing people around the world felt the necessity of a specialized hospital for the eye. The developed countries of the world have established a lot of eye specialized hospitals in recent years. Like the rest of the world many new world-class eye hospitals also started their operation in the soil of Bangladesh.

Prime Bank Eye Hospital Doctor List

The Prime Bank Eye Hospital is a very well-known eye hospital in our country. This hospital is situated at the heart of Dhaka city. To be more specific the hospital is located at Dhanmondi, one of the well-known places of Dhaka. Dhanmondi is a neighbourhood where you can find almost everything. The hospitals of this area are top notch and when we are talking about any hospital which is located in this area, we do not need any kind of formal introduction.

The Prime Bank Eye Hospital is a sister concern of the Prime Bank. Prime Bank is a very popular bank of our country and most of the people of Bangladesh know about this bank. The Prime Bank felt the demand for a specialized eye hospital is increasing and the people of Bangladesh are suffering a lot because the number of international standard eye hospitals is very low.

Prime Bank Eye Hospital gained a lot of popularity and support in a very short time. The service of this hospital is of international class but the cost is very moderate. All kinds of diseases related to the eye can be treated in this hospital. The compound of this hospital is approximately 10,000 square feet and the hospital is housed in a six storied building. All kinds of modern eye surgery can be done in this hospital. The main purpose behind establishing this hospital was to prevent the Bangladeshi patients from going abroad.

Prime Bank Eye Hospital Contact Number

The people of Bangladesh who suffered from eye related diseases used to go abroad or to the neighbouring countries just to see doctors as the eye care system of Bangladesh was very poor in the past and there were no specialized hospitals for eye treatment. But the medical sector of Bangladesh has gone through a huge change in the last few years and nowadays all kinds of modern eye care treatment is available in Bangladesh.

This hospital got its popularity for various reasons. The doctors of this hospital are one of the best in the entire country. These doctors have a huge amount of experience in treating patients. Some of the senior doctors of this hospital also have foreign degrees. These days the patients want to know about the doctors before they see a doctor or go to a hospital.

The doctors list of a hospital is a very important thing for the patients these days. For that reason, most of the hospitals have uploaded their doctor list, the schedule of the doctors and all the necessary things about the doctors on the website of the hospital. The patients can look up at the website whenever they want. The doctor list of the Prime Bank Eye Hospital is given at the website of the hospital.

The helpline or the hotline contact number are very important for any kind of hospital these days as the patients feel more connected when they have access to a hospital’s 24/7 emergency contact number. That’s why the Prime Bank Hospital has also established a hotline contact center. The emergency contact number of the hospital is: +88-01721-068282.

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