RAHETID Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

Bangladesh has improved in the last few years dramatically. Especially in the medical sector, Bangladesh has gone under an enormous change. Nowadays, we can find almost all kinds of medical care in Bangladesh. But it was not always the case. Most of the patients who suffered from terminal diseases or had serious health issues had to go abroad to seek good medical assistance.

We all know that it is a very daunting task to travel abroad just to seek medical attention. Again, most of the people who live in Bangladesh did not have the financial condition to go abroad and seek medical care. That’s why the demand and the necessity of good hospitals increased over the years.

But the scenario has changed now. These days we can find a number of good private medical hospitals all over the country. Even these days we can also find a number of high-end international class hospitals around in Bangladesh. The credit for this transformation in the medical sector goes to the private hospitals which have emerged in the last few years.

The RA Hospital Education and Training Institute Dhaka is one of those hospitals which can deliver world-class medical care. It is true that the expense of this hospital is pretty high compared to the other hospitals but the service of this hospital is also top-notch. This hospital is also one of the few hospitals in Bangladesh which has all kinds of modern medical technology at its disposal.

This hospital is located at Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Gulshan is a very well-known neighborhood of Dhaka. Gulshan is known for its luxurious life-style and glamour. Most of the people in the neighbourhood is one of the most influential people of Bangladesh. That’s why this particular neighbourhood felt the necessity of some world-class hospitals.

RAHETID is one of the most popular hospitals in this neighbourhood. This hospital is housed in a building which consists of ten stories. In those ten stories of the hospital at the same time around 250 patients can be admitted. This hospital has all the modern facilities of a hospital which is of international standard.

This hospital has a dedicated emergency unit. Emergency unit is one of the crying needs of the present time but not all the hospitals have an emergency unit. Even some of the well-known hospitals of Bangladesh do not have any emergency unit but this hospital has one.

Beside the emergency unit, this hospital also has a number of intensive care units such as the ICU, CCU, ICCU, NICU and more. Intensive care units are very much necessary for the hospitals these days. Without the support of this intensive care units most of the patients who are in severe condition can not survive for long.

Without the diagnostic tests it is very much difficult for the doctors to identify a disease these days. As the diseases are getting more and more complex without the passage of time and the doctors also put emphasis on the diagnostics tests very much. That’s why RAHETID has established an international standard diagnostics center at the hospital and all kinds of tests can be done in here. The test results of this diagnostics center is pretty accurate.

But the main part of every hospital is laid on the people who work here. The doctors, surgeons, nurses and the other medical staff of the hospital are top-notch and these people have a good amount of experience in the field of medical care. These doctors who work here are very much capable and have a good track record. The surgeons and the nurses of this hospital are also very much qualified.

These days the patients want to know more about the hospital and the doctor who work in it beforehand. If you are interested in this hospital, then check out the website of the hospital and there you can find all kinds of information related to the hospital.

RAHETID also has an emergency contact number for the patients. So that the patients can get the help of the hospital whenever they need them. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-17876-94510.

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