Rajshahi Popular Hospital Doctor List 2023

Popular Hospital is a leading healthcare facility in Rajshahi. It is located at one of the central locations of Rajshahi known as Laxmipur. Here you can get your treatment, manage your stay, and complete your operation. The hospital also has ICU and CCU for the best nature of care. Popular Hospital has gained even more reputation due to its superior diagnosis facilities. The address of the hospital is Holding # 474, Chowdhury Tower, Laxmipur, Rajshahi.

Highly qualified doctors occupy the specialists’ seat of Popular Hospital. To get the list of the doctors, you can dial their hotline number which is available all around the clock. The hotline number of the hospital is 09666-787811 and 09613-787811. You can continue a long query by emailing them at <<info@populardiagnostic.com>> 

One of the highly convenient facilities of Popular Hospital is that you can book doctor’s appointments by phone call and you can download your reports online. First, you need to fill up the paperwork and deposit your sample. The test paper would have your registration number and your credentials listed. In order to obtain your report, you have to log into the hospital’s official website and you would find a patient portal there. By clicking it, you can redirect yourself to the online report downloading portal. There you can submit your credentials and would find your report after the stated time.

Health Concern (Athlete’s Foot)

The disease athlete’s foot is scientifically known as Tinea Pedis. This disease occurs in those who have sweaty toes and their feet have to be confined within a tightly fitted shoe. This disease can be contagious and can spread via a towel and even through the floor. It is a fungal disease and not much threatening. This disease is easily treatable and gets cured quickly but it might return again.


You can detect this disease by rashes. The affected area seems peeled, and scaly. You can experience itchiness around that region. Severe infection might dispense stinging and burning sensation along with blisters. The infected region might appear grayish, purple, or reddish.



The “Dermatophytes” fungi cause this infectious disease. Someone can also get this disease by contamination. If someone is used to being in enclosed footwear and their feet sweat frequently, they are susceptible to this disease. Shared swimming pools or baths can spread the disease. On top of these, shared rugs, towels, and mattresses can transmit this disease as well.


It is not recommended to suffocate the feet all day with enclosed shoes but one should also wear slippers or sandals when one can. Like the other body regions, feet also need cleansing. Those who have sweaty feet should use powder to keep them dry.


Only self-care and cleansing are not enough for this disease until you take prescribed anti-fungal cream or ointment. The commonly referred ointments contain econazole (ecoza) or clotrimazole (lotrisone). However, doctors can prescribe antifungal pills like Sporanox or Lamisil as well. Sometimes, both types of medications are advised.

N.B. Any medication without a doctor’s prescription is strictly prohibited.

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