Rangpur Doctor List 2023

Rangpur previously a greater district of Bangladesh now has been promoted as a divisional city of Bangladesh. The greater concentration of impact and population density has asked for quality healthcare for the local citizens. You can find both Government and Private hospitals along with non-Government or community clinics in Rangpur. There are a bunch of expert doctors in different medical institutes in Rangpur. You can find the doctors’ information of Rangpur in this article.

The best way to find the list of doctors is to call the medical facilities where the doctors are appointed to. Also, you can book an appointment by a phone call from your home which is a lot convenient way of seeing a doctor. The “Rangpur Central Hospital” is a prime destination in Rangpur for a massive number of people. The phone number of this Government organization is 01737-894558. The most renowned hospital after the prime Government organization is “Islami Bank Community Hospital” and their phone number is 01750-908297.

“Popular Hospital” also has a branch of them beside the Sarak Bhabon Office and their landline number is +880521-63950. The phone number of “Bangladesh Hospital Rangpur” is 01717-818555. The “Apollo Diagnostic and Imaging Center” has one establishment in Rangpur as well and its phone number is 01733-008088. Another private hospital of Rangpur is “Rose Hospital” and its phone number is 01741-061672.

If you need any dental treatment or advice, you can consider the Dental Unit or Rangpur Medical College and you can get your dental care for a token price. The other institutes’ phone number is listed beneath,

  • Labaid, Rangpur : 01766-663099
  • Comfort Hospital: 01711-427729
  • Update Care Hospital: 01763-555555
  • Good Health Hospital: 01717-974489
  • Doctors Community Hospital: 01717-292458

For your treatment and doctor information, you can call the number and also can search the internet for the institutes’ names. You can find adequate contacts of doctors there as well.

Health Concern (Skin Care)

Our skin is also called the epidermal or external layer of our body which we should care about. Though females are more careful about their skin but male individuals should know about optimal care of the skin as well.

The basics are quite the same for all which is, we should maintain the hygiene of the skin. If you got exposed to dirt or pollution, you should wash your skin. Alongside, you should also remember that your skin gets a high pH level or becomes alkaline or chalky when washed with soaps or other chemical cleaning materials. But your normal skin is slightly acidic in nature, and for this reason, you should apply some oil or moisturizer or neutralizer after every wash. If not, your skin would get dry and become rough within very quick succession.

On top of that, you should use sunscreen (if possible) when getting exposed to the sun. A lot might say it is an extravagance which is not absolutely wrong but sunscreen can definitely save you from the rays of the sun and reduce the damage of skin cancer, skin burn, acne, rashes, and a few other tiny skin diseases. It is also true that darker complexion skins have a lot better resistance against diseases and extremity while darkened skin can protect itself from sunlight more than fair complexioned skin.

You can also adjust your skin care products as per your skin type, e.g. oily, dry, rough, moderate, etc. Nevertheless, your underarms and intimate parts need a lower pH level. So, you have to take special care with acidic lotion or liquids. An alkalic soap wash or chemical wash is not good at all in those closed spaces. You should contact the doctor promptly if you face unexpected problems.

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