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rt-pcr is called reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. The end of this article has the list of different rt-pcr tests and their price in Bangladesh. The rest of the article is informative. Moreover, the latter part has your solution if the test goes wrong.

Application and nature of rt-pcr test

The rt-pcr test is also known as the real-time polymerase chain reaction or kinetic chain reaction of polymerase. This test is done for diagnosing viral diseases. In recent times, the complex nature of the COVID-19 virus has made a huge destruction, and rt-pcr test is the way to detect it in the human body.

The test is performed on a cross-section or elongated chain or RNA. The detection process of DNA is not compatible enough to detect the presence of COVID-19 virus. Similarly, the SARS virus was also undetectable without the rt-pcr test.


The rt-pcr test is done in-vitro. The DNA sequence is similar but distributed in opposite directions. The opposing part of DNA is RNA. If the DNA sequence does not indicate the proper nature of the disease, the transcription is done in reverse and the test is conducted on the RNA sequence.

Mode of test

The polymerase chain reaction is undertaken to multiply the number of DNA and study the DNA sequence. The polymerase reaction is also accomplished in the RNA test to get a longer strand of RNA. The rt-pcr test is also advised to assess the quantitative expression of genes. The process is quantified in ratio of a standard amount of host cells in clinical settings.

Types of rt-pcr test

The rt-pcr test is done in either one step or two steps of mRNA synthesis. In one step rt-pcr, the amount of replication is low and a small amount of replication can indicate the nature of disease or abruption. While in the two-step of reverse transcription, a high amount of replication is needed. The polymerase chain reaction is done a couple of times to reach millions or billions of copies of a sample. Though, there is a high chance that the test result might have some flaws.

Because two-step reverse transcription needs a high standard of handsets and special attention to detail. While transferring the mRNA from one pipette to another is prone to contamination. In this case, any level of contamination can harm the test report. Rather, the single-step reverse transcription is simpler. In cases where the bar of experimental parameters is low, the single-step reverse transcription is applied. The whole process is done in a single procurement and the possibility of error is quite low.

Though, one step rt-pcr sample is susceptible to degradation. The quantification and testing has to be done within a very short time. This approach is mainly taken for screening purposes. If the laboratory measures are taken care of at high levels, two-step reverse transcription is more accurate for quantification or spreading level of the disease. This process is not limited to human disease detection. Many research methodologies and biosensing take the help of rt-pcr test.

Decisions from a positive rt-pcr test

The rt-pcr test help detect the COVID test. If the result is found positive a standard set of approaches are taken. There is no direct remedy for this test without having precaution. According to the frontiers publication, the sets of strategies are mentioned in brief.

The serum of blood is taken after a centrifuge. The serum contains the purest form of antigens and antibodies required to test the mRNA. When, the serum acclaimed positive rt-pcr report, the patient/individual was separated from healthy people. A range of people were chosen to observe the aftermath.

The people were isolated in separate facilities. Their differentiation was made as per their age, sex, location, food habit, and nature of the problems that they are facing. They were either ill for fever or respiratory disorder or nasopharyngeal swabs or inflammation. They were given proper medical care and more than 90% of people came clean. The rest cases left no traces to make a definite conclusion. Though, the spread is cleaner within vaccinated people.


The test is done over specific sections of targeted RNA. Polymerase chain reaction can provide a data amount of 10kilobase pairs to start research. Though, two-step rt-pcr might come up with 40 kbp data or DNA fragment length to study on. There are few very common materials are used to accommodate the test. The names are-

  • Triphosphate
  • Manganese ions
  • DNA template
  • Primers
  • Target RNA
  • mRNA
  • Polymerase Enzyme
  • Centrifuged serum as sample
  • Computer processing unit

Cure (if rt-pcr report is positive)

rt-pcr test is done to only solidify the proof of a single viral attack. As the new generation virus are adaptive, the nature of the test has become unique and vital itself. In general, virus attacks are incurable until the body starts to grow its immune system stronger (to fight its anonymity). Modern antibiotic with the help of healthy food and lifestyle is the only answer. The disease-attacked person has to get separated and has to take good care of their health.

rt-pcr Test Price In Bangladesh

Test Name

Price (In BDT/Taka)

RT PCR for General Patient


RT PCR For Foreign Travelers


RT PCR Home Sample Collection


Rapid Antigen


In relative rt-pcr, fluorescent dye and ethidium bromide is used to lebel the phosphorimager. Comparative, relative & competitive types are available within the rt-pcr technique. In relative rt-pcr, the only thing followed is the co-amplification. This replication is done only over the gene of interest. Moreover, there remains an internal control and is used to normalize preliminary samples. An evaluation is made from the amplified mRNA to the sampled one. The preliminary sample is not harmed and the assessment of sequences provides a clear report.

If you have any more questions regarding rt-pcr technique or its prices, please leave a note or comment. We would be happy to answer your query with research experience. If you find any discrepancies within the test report, you might be subjected to some ill practice. It is recommended to get the test done from either a government healthcare center or renowned private diagnostic center. If you choose private diagnostic centers, keep an eye on their previous feedback and rapport.

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