Samorita Hospital Doctor List 2023

Samorita is a full-fletched private hospital in Dhaka and a trusted one for the people of Bangladesh. The hospital is located in one of the prime locations of Dhaka known as Panthapath. The formal address of the hospital is provided for your convenience and the address is known as 89/1, Panthapath, Dhaka.

To have the list of the doctors, you have to call on their hotline number or their phone number. The hotline number would be most fruitful for your purpose solving and that would be most convenient for you. The hotline number is 10674. You can dial it from your cell phone or mobile phone or landline. The other landline numbers of the hospitals are +880248117619, +880248117618, +880248115405, +880248117614, and +880248116739. If you want to solve a detailed query from the hospital authority, you can email them at <<>>

The Samorita hospital provides you with all the necessary services and diagnostic services within its facility. You can also book an appointment with the doctor or know the schedule or can reach them in person at the hospital premises. You also have the facility to manage your food, stay, and medications from the hospital building. The doctors and nurses are always available there for the highest nature of your care.

Health Concern (Epilepsy)

Epilepsy is a normal kind of seizure which commonly occurs due to previous genetical background. The individuals whose ancestors have survived or have gone through the disease, it is much possible that their offspring might suffer it as well. Although, it is not certain that the offspring would definitely fall victim to the disease. There is about a 30% chance of it. Also, a brain damage or stroke can cause epilepsy.


When the patient gets attacked by the disease, they might seem confused or becomes confused at a primary level. Also, they might stare with a spellbound vision. The primary concerns are often felt in disguise but the later symptoms arrive like stiff muscles, unconsciousness, jerked arms and legs, etc.


A seizure at the wrong moment can take the life of the patient as well. A sudden epilepsy attack can drown the patient if he/she is swimming. Moreover, if it happens during driving, the patient might cause an accident. Often, the patients fall to the ground unconscious and might break their necks or have a severe injuries. Also, the patients become low on psychological confidence and this hampers their future life.


There are a few anti-epileptic drugs present in the market known as AED that could be referred to. Moreover, many chose to clean out the part of the brain that causes the seizure to occur is the best treatment for a long-term solution. Nevertheless, a ketogenic diet is proven helpful for fighting epilepsy and deep brain stimulation is applied in a few cases which demand financial solvency.


As the disease is caused due to genetic reasons, there are no effective preventive measures. Though, accidental epilepsy can be avoided by living a safe life and safe movement or driving.

Albeit, this is a huge sigh of relief for the survivors that, it does not threaten life. Only a 0.1% rate of being deceased is found in this case but the fatigue and seizure take a toll on the life of the patients.

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