Selina General Hospital and Diagnostics Center Doctor List and Contact Number

The medical care system of the world has changed a lot in the last few years. The medical care system of Bangladesh has also gone through a huge change in the last few decades. Since the independence of our country, many things have improved and the medical care system is one of those sectors. As we all know, medical care is a very important thing for all the human beings living on earth.

As the days are passing by, the importance and the demand for good medical care is increasing more and more. The reason behind the increasing demand of medical care is that the health-related issues of humans are also increasing day by day. People have understood that the medical care sector is a very essential thing, especially after the pandemic has started.

Bangladesh now has a number of well-known hospitals and the count of good hospital is rising day to day. Our country is one of the most populated countries in the world and good medical care is a must have thing for any country in the world. But there is another problem here in our country, as most of the people of our country belong to the lower or middle class of the economic scale, for most of the people of our country cannot afford the high-end private hospitals.

And the bed count of the public hospitals here in our country is very low, so it is impossible for the public hospitals of our country to tackle this huge number of patients. This is the time where the mid-range hospitals come into the play. The mid-range private hospitals have become the backbone of our country’s medical sector over the last few years.

The Selina General Hospital and Diagnostics Center is one of the renowned mid-range hospitals in the country and specially in Dhaka. This hospital is located at Mazar Road, Mirpur, Dhaka. The hospital is housed in a twelve storied building. The patient housing capacity of this hospital is around 250. This hospital is comparatively a new one compared to most of the well-known hospitals in Dhaka.

But it has made its mark in a very short period of time by providing international standard medical care to the people of Bangladesh. The main purpose of establishing this hospital was to provide international standard medical care. So far, this hospital has done it pretty well.

This hospital has all kinds of modern medical machinery and technology a hospital needs nowadays. Even this hospital always tries to keep its machinery up to date as per the well-known international hospitals. Diagnostics center is a very important thing in the medical sector these days. The doctors need the help of these test results to determine an illness.

For this reason, the Selina General Hospital and Diagnostics Center has established its own diagnostics center so that the patients do not have to face any kind of hassle during their illness. These days the patients want a hospital where they can get all kinds of medical care support under one roof.

This hospital also has a high-end emergency unit which is one of the largest among the private hospitals of Bangladesh. This emergency unit is serving patients 24/7. Beside that, Selina General Hospital also has all the other intensive care units the patients expect from an international hospital these days. ICU, ICCU, CCU, NICU etc. are available here. The cost of these intensive care units is pretty low compared to most other hospitals in Dhaka.

The doctors of this hospital are top-notch and have a huge experience in the medical care sector. To know more about the doctors, you have to go to the website of the hospital. There you can find all kinds of data of the doctors like when the doctors see patients, what are the qualifications of the doctors and the patients can also get an appointment via the website.

Emergency contact number or the helpline contact number is a must have thing for the hospitals these days. The Selina General Hospital also has a helpline number and the number is: +880-1715-818883.

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