Serum Creatinine Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

Serum creatinine is an enzyme that occurs in the blood. Serum creatinine is a byproduct of protein. When the body absorbs proteinous materials, serum creatinine gets exerted as a waste of byproducts. The serum creatinine makes it way to the kidney through blood and the kidney processes the excretion of serum creatinine along with urine.

It is very important for the doctor to measure the amount or level of serum creatinine to observe if the kidney is in proper working condition. If the level of serum creatinine amount is higher than the normal range, the patient might be vulnerable to kidney disease or disorder.

The main reasons behind finding a higher level of serum creatinine are high protein food intake and any blockage within the urinary tract. The kidney processes the serum creatinine and conducts the excretion process via urine. You can follow until the end of the article to know more about serum creatinine.

Serum Creatinine Test Price

Test Name


Serum Creatinine Level

150 taka to 450 taka

Preparatory Measures

You do not need to take any precautionary measures before appearing for the test. You can simply appear at the diagnostic center or hospital or testing institute for this test. Though, it is a common pre-process of the test that, the patient has to take enough amount of food in order to observe the creatinine level during the usual function of the body. In short, the patient’s diet condition has to be at a normal level while conducting the test.

Why the Patient Is Supposed To Take Serum Creatinine Test

If the patient is feeling ill in the pelvic region or has waist pain, that individual might face a problem regarding kidneys. Serum creatinine level testing is one of the basic biochemical test to observe if the kidney is in chemically healthy condition.

If the doctor is skeptical about your kidney health, the doctor can advise this test. In most of the cases, the patient have problems with their urinary tract or having kidney stones. If the patient has a kidney stone in place, he/she might undergo a surgery to take it out of the body for a healthy body functionality.

If you find a report which says your creatinine level is high, there is no reason to worry. You just have to adhere to the facts that the doctor advises you. Moreover, there are few medicines that can treat you for betterment. If you follow the shown measures and proper medicines, the level is supposed to get normal within a short time span regarding to your recent creatinine condition.

Indication of Kidney Problems (related to serum creatinine level)

There are several symptoms that occur through the patient body while the kidney is not functioning properly. The early symptoms take the patient to the doctor to come upon a conjecture according to the problems. If the doctor finds the following problems, the doctor might suspect it as kidney disease and might ask the patient to take a serum creatinine test as well. The common symptoms are mentioned beneath,

  1. Feeling pain after excretion of urine
  2. Frequent blood transfusion or fusion into the urine
  3. Observing or feeling pain before having a pee

Specimen Needed for Serum Creatinine Test

The serum creatinine test is conducted through blood sample. The default and observatory chemical is called lithium heparinised plasma. If the test needs any alternate sample, K2 EDTA could be used.

Result Of Creatinine Test

The test report need a subtle amount of time to appear. Generally the time span of this test can be anywhere between eight to twenty four hours. If the creatinine level is found high, there can be several aspects; viz,

  1. Blockage in urinary system
  2. Cardiac problem
  3. Kidney Infection
  4. Autoimmune disorder/disease
  5. Diabetic complexities

Though, there are some instances where the serum creatinine level might be found lower than normal and just accepted as normal. The reason behind accepting abnormal serum creatinine level as normal is because of the sudden health condition. Those conditions are listed beneath,

  1. Excessive amount of workout
  2. Pregnancy period
  3. Red meat consumption
  4. Having rich diet
  5. Excessive amount of work
  6. Few specific medications

Biological Relevance of Serum Creatinine Level

This is a significant indicator of kidney health. It is a byproduct of protein metabolism. The biological process is carried out due to breakage of phosphate molecule from protein bonds. The phosphate bond gets separated from nitrogen molecules and form the metabolic creatinine. The serum itself is not that much significant to human body as it is a common particle of excreta but being present in a higher level definitely suggest some disorder.

The synthesis of this product is done primarily through the methylation process. The chemicals glycocyamine, S-Adenosyl methionine take part in synthesization of the serum. The serum creatinine is then transported throughout the body through the blood. The presence of the chemical remain present in muscle, organs, brain and blood. The whole process is simply put as a term called phosphorylation.

When the process phosphorylation take part, it become a high energy particle called phosphocreatine. The vital catalyst creatine kinase play a role in the conversion process. The full process is totally spontaneous and only the presence of the catalyst can run the full process without any dispute.

The excretion process of serum creatinine is named glomerular filtration. The process gets completed when the excreta reaches the proximal part of tubular secretion.

Diagnostic Function

It is a crucial factor regarding kidney health but not a direct issue. The amount of serum present in a higher level indicate problems in discharge. It has to be taken a close look as there supposed to be intricacies regarding mechanical process of the discharge.

Level of Suggested Serum Creatinine

The usual reference of serum creatinine level lies between 0.6-1.3 mg/dl. If it is converted into commonwealth standard or UK standard, it lies between 53-115 micro-mol/L. A rise from the normal is a common indication of functional disorder of nephrons. Nephrons are referred as, the web or net present to filter out liquid before discharge.

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