SGPT Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

The primary and common name SGPT is scientifically told as Serum Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase. Ordinarily to put, a transaminase enzyme secreted from the liver in a form of creatinine. The whole component is parallel to the ALT/AST ration. The form of creatinine is very crucial in human body as it is formed as a byproduct of a very significant component.

The aminase and transaminase assimilation emit the SGPT as per acception to the body. Usually the reach people are very prone to this disease. The more protein intake might harm the body if there is not enough acidic materials are not taken with. If you take a lot of carbohydrate and protein together and don’t take the opposite part of the buffer, which is acid or Vitamin-C in this case or most of the cases within human body.

The article is wrtten for your healthcare concerns and the latter part contain the cure and price as per the nearest city of your living.

If people become careful of it, they can make a healthy balance by knowing the primary molecules or form of enzymes at a simple chemistry scale. At least, if someone can take the responsibility of knowing the acidic vs carbohydrate base; the precaution can be taken as precise as to balancing the stomach. You don’t always have to take a healthy diet but you have to know the other part of it. Either you get some sour fruit or you take some light/hard exercise. If you follow none, you are susceptible to stomach infection and liver infection as a byproduct.

Many people take alcohols but take proteinous food simultaneously. This can end up increasing the SGPT level in the liver with a limited bowel movement. The cost itself is high in price as well as the treatment. Moreover, the effort you have to put behind cure is much harder than taking principle precautionary measures beforehand. 

These tests are done to test the functionality of liver or current condition of the liver. The procedure is quite handy to explain the current level of clogging of creatinine. If the level is low, the remedy is quite simple. Henceforth, the situation lies while the level of SGPT is higher in urine sample. Several forms and assimilated chunks of protein make up the level of SGPT.

Few basic liver functionality tests are based on prothrombin, albumin, prothrombin time, bilirubin, etc. If the functionality of liver is not in proper functioning stage, the problem is diagnosed through measuring the depth of availability of the transaminase. Transaminase is the assimilated form of the proteins. This is called a tail sometimes. Until the time, ATP flows through the blood and amino acids form the shape of proteinous muscles, protein has only left as a reduced stage of transaminase. The aminase come from the amino acid which is the basic molecule for muscles.

SGPT level depend a lot on the amino acid. Amino acid are of four basic kinds. These four basic kinds are, polar, non-polar, negative in charge, and positive in charge. The amino acids are formed from meats, fish, pulses, etc. If you intake almost any kind of animal (not plants), you are going to get some amino acid or protein. Nitrogen is the basic fundamental key behind amino acid forming which is generally known as protein.

Proteins need the most time to get digested and formed from the food. When the assimilation process is over, few of the main product get induced to work within human body. The rest is excreted from the liver. The excreta go to the kidney which is formed by nephrons. This is a complex web consisting uncountable layers and angles. This help the human body to soak the rest of the useful part and consist urine for disposal.

The SGPT test is quite simple where only sampling is done through the urine. There is a crucial part from where people can be judge from a slight different perspective regarding the healthcare and mostly in this case of dysfunctionality. There are differences in the standard range by male and femal. Moreover, if the expected ratio is of slight disbalance, their treatment measures should vary according to their culture, health quality, nationality, race, eating habit, living aspects, etc. Any doctor can not treat any patient on singularity of problem solving. The doctor has to act as human being and bring a proper solve to this proble if the cure is done through food (this is mostly valuable for people who has a low state of SGPT).

If the level of SGPT is high, the individual is going to suffer pain while urinating or peeing. The person can also have infection or skin damage within liver duct. The possible loss of tissue expose the organ to a lot of chemical compound and might cause irritation. 

The high level of SGPT is a possible indication of liver or kidney related disease or disorders. The doctor has the sustainable solution of food if the patient is suffering from a devaluated reduce of SGPT level. Where, the treatment of higher SGPT level need special attention and care. You need to live a healthy life to avoid the constant threat of health problems. The most important care to reduce the SGPT level is taking care of your diet. You have to take a lot of veggies and fruits, to keep it in normal state. You can make sheer exercise to help the cause. You have to intake Vitamin-D in proper manner. Even if you have to take Vitamin-D capsules, you have to take it for a month or more. If you don’t take enough care about your capsule intake and health intake, you are prone to diseases at your disposal.

SGPT Test Price List In Bangladesh

Test Name or Type

Price in BDT/Taka

24 Hours Urinary Copper




ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme)


Alkaline Phosphate (ALP)


1 Hour After 75 gram of Glucose


24 Hours Urinary VMA


2 Hours After 75 gram of Glucose


AG Ration (T. Protein, Albumin, and Globulin)


Albumin Creatinine Ration (ACR)-Urine


2 Hours After Having Normal Diet


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