Shahid Suhrawardy Hospital Doctor List 2023

Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College and Hospital which is also known as ShSMC is the third prioritized hospital in Bangladesh in terms of medical education and one of the biggest healthcare destinations as well. It is situated in Sher-e-Bangla Nagor, Dhaka. The journey of the hospital started in the year 1963 by the name Ayub Central Hospital. It was built and anaesthetized by world-renowned architect Louis I Kahn (from Germany). The name was later converted into Shaheed Suhrawardy Hospital in 2005 and it got listed in the directory of Avicenna which is a world-class list of medical erudite.

The doctor list of the hospital could be obtained by calling their facility’s phone number which is 01815854806. The landline number of the hospital is +88028144048. You can also reach them by their email addresses which are <<>> and <<>>.

This is fully a Government facilitated and funded hospital. So, you can expect medical treatment at a token price in a city like Dhaka. Though, your stay could be a challenge there due to the mass of the crowd. Nonetheless, the nurses and interns are dedicated to their services and their learnings. For this reason, you can expect quality attention from medical attendants.

Health Concern (Chickenpox)

Chickenpox is a skin infection which is caused by the virus called Varicella Zoster. The disease might appear with a tiny gesture like a slight fever but can leave you destroyed. The disease itself has three phases; which are,

  • Red blisters or bumps
  • Blisters get filled with fluids
  • Scabs and crusts

All of the phases can last up to a week to ten days of span. The red blisters are just the starting and the crusts and scabs are the last stages which signal the remedy but highly contaminating to the people nearby.


  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Malaise
  • Tiredness
  • Losing appetite


The disease occurs upon exposure to the virus Varicella-Zoster for 10-20 days. The disease can heavily be contaminated by close contact with the patient. Also, if the affected person sneezes or coughs, the disease can be contaminated through inhalation or through droplet-contaminated food.

Associated Problems

The disease can stress the patient in various ways. The following complications are usually seen,

  • Pneumonia
  • Skin rashes
  • Sepsis
  • Toxic Shock
  • Heavy dehydration
  • Death


The treatment is fairly simple. The affected person needs to be secluded for safety reasons. The patient needs to take rest and could be treated with paracetamol for relief from the associated fever. Also, the skin needs to be healed which can be done with the calamine lotion.


Chickenpox now has an effective vaccine. It has been seen that near about cent per cent of people who are treated with the vaccine (Varivax) is seen not being affected by the disease. Also, a practice of cleanliness and hygiene is recommended.

Impediment or Obstructions

The vaccine is not recommended for a few. Those who are pregnant should not be having the vaccine. Also, individuals who are allergic to gelatin or neomycin should not be prescribed with the vaccine. Though, those specific individuals would remain at high risk of chickenpox. Nevertheless, the vaccine has a toll on health. So, many who have severely poor immunity should not be taking the vaccine.

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