Square Hospital Consultation and Diagnostics Center, Banani Doctor List and Contact Number

These days we can find a number of flagship hospitals in the soil of Bangladesh. These private flagship hospitals have served a great number of people in the last few years and the service of these hospitals are beyond any questions. Square Hospitals Ltd is one of those flagship hospitals. Square Hospitals Ltd is a subsidiary of the Square Group.

Square Group is a very well-known name to the people of Bangladesh as this group has been active in the Bangladesh region with its pharmaceuticals business. Square started its journey back in the 1980s and since then it has created a revolution in the pharmaceuticals industry. Besides, this group also held a number of campaigns to create health awareness among the people of Bangladesh.

The Square Hospitals Ltd was established back in 2007 and since then it has treated a huge number of patients. From the very beginning this hospital has treated the patients with care and sincerity. After getting a good response from the people this hospital decided to open up many other branches of this hospital. The branches are really not hospitals but somewhat like clinics.

But the service you can get from these clinics is astonishing. Square Hospital Consultation and Diagnostics Center Banani is one of those branches. This is the most advanced consultation branch of the hospital. Because of the location it has to be one of the best as Banani is one of the most prime locations of Dhaka city. This consultation center is directly monitored by the main Square Hospital and for that reason people trust this branch very much.

In this branch you can get all the primary treatment you need. There is no operation theater or emergency unit in this hospital as the main purpose of this branch is to provide the primary treatment. But do not think that it is less than any mid-range hospital. Here you can find all the facilities you expect from a mid-range hospital. There are around 50 beds available in this hospital.

All the modern facilities needed to run a hospital are present here. Like the ambulance service for instance. Ambulance service is a must have thing for all the hospitals these days. This consultation center also has its ambulances and this service is available 24/7.

In this consultation center you can also find a diagnostics center. In this diagnostic center you can get all kinds of tests. The test results this diagnostic center provides are accurate. The cost of tests is also very much affordable here. The importance of diagnostics tests these days is beyond explicable. The doctors also want to determine the diseases on the basis of diagnostic tests these days. Without the results of diagnostics tests the patients also don’t feel comfortable to treat a disease these days. That’s why without a diagnostic center a hospital is not complete these days.

Square Hospital Consultation and Diagnostics Center has only appointed the best doctors available out there. These doctors are experienced and have vast knowledge in the field of medical science. Some of the doctors who work in the main branch of the hospital also visit this consultation center sometimes. Some of the doctors of this consultation center are specialists.

The other medical staff of this consultation center like the nurses and the technicians are also very skillful and are expert in what they do. If you want to know more about this consultation center then go the website or visit the Facebook page. The support team of the hospital is also fabulous. The support team of the hospital always tries to help the patients in every way possible.

If you need any information regarding this hospital then you can call at the helpline or emergency number of the consultation center and the support team will try to help you in every way possible. The helpline number of this consultation center is online 24/7. That means whenever you feel the need to communicate with the hospital do not hesitate just give a call and the number is: +880-9610-010616.

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