Square Hospital Dhaka Doctor List 2023

Square Hospital is one of the crested private hospitals in Bangladesh. The hospital’s location is Panthapath, an immensely populated area of Dhaka. It has a massive impact on serving the decorated society of Dhaka and Bangladesh. Square Hospital is a giant sister concern of Square Group Limited which is a top-tier organization in Bangladesh. The address of the hospital is 18F, Bir Uttam Qazi Nuruzzaman Sarak, West Panthapath, Dhaka.

The hotline number of the hospital is 10616. You can get the list of doctors by calling on that number which has numerous parallel extensions to facilitate several calls at once. The hospital also has a couple of landline numbers for answering your query or serving you the doctor list. The landline numbers are +88028142431 and +88028144400. Moreover, you can reach the hospital premises and can obtain the list of the doctors from the reception. For other services and information, you can also dial their mobile number; which is 01713141447. 

Square Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and modern pieces of equipment for medical treatments. The whole building is centrally heated and highly organized. The hospital nurses are dedicated to facilitating you with the highest attention and nature of care. The Square Hospital is content with doctors who are highly reputed in their area of expertise and the hospital also provides a special concentration on cardiovascular treatment.

Health Concern (Seizures)

A seizure is an intractable burst of the electrical conductivity system in the human brain. It can directly cause a loss of consciousness along with behavioral changes, incompetent feelings, limitation in movements, and uncontrolled convulsion or spasm of muscles. Someone might get seizures for a number of reasons but chronic or multiple seizures within a day could be considered epilepsy.


A seizure can occur due to many reasons. Even sleep depravity or low sodium concentration can cause seizures. But generally, the significant reasons include brain infection, fever, trauma, brain injury, substance abuse, intoxication, etc.


Focal seizure is the general seizure associated with many. In this case, people experience vision impairment. They may feel like staring at the spaces and sometimes vision is lost. For many, they can not even recollect the memories of the seizures. In more advanced seizures, patients might lose consciousness as well.

The other kind of seizure involves losing taste, smell, touch senses, vision impairment, dizziness, etc. This seizure does not snatch consciousness but frequent muscle spasms are involved. Also, many patients lose 


Seizures occur due to neural inconveniences of the brain and to solve this problem doctors often remove the lobe which is responsible for such inconveniences. Sometimes electrodes are placed on certain points of the skull to determine the problematic area and later electric pulsation is provided into that zone. The basic treatment of seizures involves anti-epileptic drugs and ketogenic diets.


Those who have seizures should always be aware of movements and live activity. Because a seizure can occur at any moment and an attack at an odd minute can ask even a death toll. For this, seizure patients should not go near water resources as there is a risk of drowning. The patients should also not drive vehicles as a seizure attack while driving might cause an accident.

Though, nowadays seizure detection device is available in the market. Patients might consider having it which can expedite their active life.

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