Square Hospital Doctor List Gynecologist 2023

Square Hospital is one of the most dedicated and high-quality hospitals in Bangladesh. It is a premium-level hospital with the most extravagant services available for patients. The hospital also provides usual services at reasonable pricing. It is located in one of the supreme locations of Dhaka called Panthapath. The address of the hospital is, 18F, Bir Uttam Qazi Nuruzzaman Sarak, West Panthapath, Dhaka.

Square Hospital possesses few of the highest quality doctors Bangladesh has experienced. The hospital undergoes a massive number of Guiney patients throughout the year and retains a vast number of Guiney doctors for uninterrupted services. You can get the list of doctors by calling the office facility. Your first and foremost choice should be the hotline number which is 10616. You can avail yourself of the Guiney doctor list, individual recognitions, academics, and professional experiences. This information is also available upon your visit to the hospital premises. To reach the authority, you can dial their other cell phone numbers or landline numbers as well. The other numbers are as follows, 01713141447, +88028142431, and +88028144400.

The OPD is always open for everyone around the clock. Though, the Guiney patients should consult earlier regarding their pregnancy. However, the other intricate diseases do not need prior consultation and can be solved upon personal discretion with the help of necessary diagnosis. Square Hospital always takes full care of the privacy of female citizens. The hospital authority has an adequate number of female nurses, lab attendants, and Guiney doctors for facilitating proper seclusion.

Health Concern (Premature Birth)

Premature birth refers to the delivery of a child before it should be. Generally, a child gets delivered after 40 months in the womb. But the birth in many cases happens to occur earlier. Birth at 37 weeks or prior is called premature birth. This is a critical situation for babies. If not taken care of and kept in an incubator, it is possible that the baby might not survive.

Problem Review

Childbirth between 36 and 34 weeks is less complicated while birth between 34 and 32 weeks is comparatively more complicated. Also, childbirth between 32 and 28 weeks is critical and any labor before 28 weeks is considered severely critical.


The symptoms of the problem appear to happen with the baby. Most of the time, the baby tends to be smaller in size. It is possible that the baby might face breathing problems. Breastfeeding becomes a challenge for premature babies. The body temperature tends to cease than normal and the body structure appears to be more or less underdeveloped.


Progesterone supplements are often provided to mothers for a safe bearing period. Moreover, a few women have a minute cervix. Doctors recommend and perform surgery before the birth takes place.


At first, the baby is kept in an incubator. Then, the baby is fed with a feeding tube. The baby is kept under constant monitoring and any inconvenience is taken care of immediately. In many cases, external blood is provided to the child and kept under bilirubin light as well.

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