Sylhet Doctor List

Sylhet is a divisional city in Bangladesh and a lot of specialist doctors are contributing to society by providing good healthcare to the people. In this article, you can find Sylhet Doctor List which you can acquire by phone numbers of different hospitals. You can choose one of them according to your preference. You can also choose any of the hospitals in regard to your location as well.

It is a positive fixation of our generation to acquire information through the internet and telecommunication service. In the following passage, you can know about the different hospitals in Sylhet and can know about their information. If you wish to reach any one of them, you can get their information prior to your passage.

The United Hospital is located at Kind Gour Govinda Tila of Sylhet. It is a landmark place in Sylhet and it is easy to reach by local transport. The phone number of United Hospital is 02-8836000. The Noorjahan Hospital Private Limited is located at Ritz Tower at first Dargah Gate. The phone number is 01792-141414. Sylhet Sahid Shamsuddin Ahmed Hospital’s phone number is 01730-324820.

This hospital is located at Medical College Road in Sylhet. Oasis Hospital’s phone number is 01611-990000. The hospital is placed at Subhanighat, Bishwa Road of Sylhet. Al Haramain Hospital Private Limited phone number is 0821-729981. The location of the hospital is N206, Sylhet. Ibn Sina Limited phone number is 01938-865257. It is situated on Mirabazar-Subhanighat Road in Sylhet.

To get the Sylhet doctor list, you need to call specific hospitals on their dedicated numbers listed beforehand. You can directly talk to an executive of those hospitals and they are enough capable to satisfy your query. If you have something more to ask, you can find the official websites of those hospitals and drop them an email. Generally, emails are for your detailed queries or suggestion.

It is not sufficient that all the hospitals can provide you with enough healthcare without the services of diagnostic centers. Because, without the diagnostic centers, your treatment might lead to an imprecise pathway. Though, each of the hospitals recommends a diagnostic center if they do not have one on their premises. Also, many of the hospitals have in-build diagnostic centers. It is recommended that you take a proper diagnosis before having your treatment and take all the tests endorsed by the doctor.

You do need to fill up the paper works properly in order to have your treatment from any of the hospitals in Sylhet. These paperworks are done in the OPD section where you would also be measured on some basic health parameters like height, weight, etc. Along with these hospitals, you also have the option to take your treatment from a Government Hospital in Sylhet. Government hospitals provide you with a good quality of healthcare at a toke price or for free in many cases. 

Sylhet M.A.G. Osmani Medical is the first choice for many in terms of healthcare. The medical road of Sylhet is renamed after this hospital and is thus known as the medical road. The address of M.A.G. Osmani Hospital in Sylhet is Medical Road, Kajolshah. To know about their doctor list, you have to dial their phone number 0821717055.

Sylhet District Hospital is another popular Government hospital in Sylhet. Marginalized people who expect medical attention and are not capable to arrange the fees of their treatment, should reach Sylhet District Hospital. It is located at the Hill View Complex of Sylhet. You have to go to the hospital in person and you would find the doctor list from the hospital complex.

Another tidy hospital in Sylhet is Sylhet Community Based Hospital. It is located at Karimganj, Sylhet Road. You can also arrange the doctor list for assessing if they are meeting your required parameter or which doctor would be suited for your treatment. You can call the phone number of this hospital and the number is 01315-954804.

It is not a modern-day concern to call a land phone number. You do not obviously need a land phone number to call another land phone number. You can just call both the land phone and cell phone from your phone. You just have to open your dial pad and type in those numbers in order to call.

It is not recommended practice to state the name of the doctors in the article. Rather it needs official permission from the hospital. For this, you can also visit the official websites of the hospitals individually and get debriefed. Our country has stepped forward to provide quality healthcare even in distant regions. This is a boon to many unprivileged people of Bangladesh who are going through a financial crisis.

Besides, it is a common practice in our country to help women with the necessary privacy. Sylhet is a commercial region, and you can be assured of female privacy everywhere it is needed. The Guiney sections along with female disease sections are equipped with female doctors and nurses.

Before you take any medical care from some hospital, you should let the doctor know if you have some previous medical condition and medications. This can reduce the risk of drug interaction problems in your body. Also, you should take your antibiotics in a chronic manner.

It is a less-known fact in our country that, if you have missed taking a certain antibiotic dose in a timely manner, it would never further work in your body. So, if it is the case in any of your previous treatments, you should write down the name and ask the doctor not to suggest that antibiotic dose. Many might take it easy, but it can just weaken your body condition without any fruitful advantage.

While being treated in any hospital, please take good care of fresh food items along with fresh water. Also, hygiene is a concern in the wards, so take adequate measures regarding cleanliness and distance maintenance while you are in a medical center or hospital.

It is a general recommendation for people that they should have some precautionary financial savings in regard to medical conditions. Because many of us are prone to disease at any moment and those savings can help us come clean of the problem. Albeit, medical insurances are available in your vicinity. You can take any of the insurances for your additional safety.

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