TSH Test Price in Bangladesh Ibn Sina 2023

TSH is known as thyroid stimulating hormone. This hormone plays an active role in human metabolism. The test is commonly done by having a blood sample from the patient. The TSH test is generally associated with the thyroid hormone and if the condition is in needs to see the level, T3 and T4 tests are also advised alongside nowadays.

All these tests can be done with a single blood sample. You can find the test of the TSH test in Bangladesh and additional knowledge about the problems associated with the irrelevant result of this test.

Breakthrough of the test

If a patient is not having an ideal rate of TSH rate, the patient might be suffering from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. The lower level is called hypothyroidism and vice versa. The third-generation reagents are called for conducting the test as they are more accurate in measuring the amount.

The TSH hormone is the key thyroid hormone exerted from the pituitary gland of the brain. Hence, the pituitary gland is known as the master gland of the human body and the thyroid hormone is one of the most necessary. It regulates that, how much energy should be regulated into which part of the body.

The TSH hormone is further broken down to the T3 and T4 hormone. The T3 and the T4 is not biologically active until it is transformed to free thyroid. Instead of energy metabolism, TSH also plays a role in protein and fat metabolism.

If the test report is not normal, the patient might be suffering from tiredness, cramp, anxiety, depression, nausea, pain, limited muscle balance, and reduced movement of muscles.

The treatment

The treatment of TSH-associated problems is quite easy and can be solved with less amount of money. There are available medicines for the cure of the problems. Though, there is a drawback of this test which is, the patients need to take the medication for a long period of time. If you are facing this kind of problem, your time limit would be discerned by the doctor.

The medications are supposed to provide a synthetic solution to this problem. The human body can not understand the difference between synthetic thyroid hormone and naturally produced thyroid hormone. For this reason, the treatment of TSH has very less side effects and is considered considerably safer.

TSH Test Price In Bangladesh

The TSH price is 800 taka in ICDDRB. Many of the private hospitals can ask from 1000 taka to 1200 taka. In urban and suburban cities, you can afford the test for 600 taka to 700 taka. In government hospitals, you can afford the test at 700 taka which is imposed by the central government of Bangladesh.

The reference range of the test

A healthy human body should show the rate of TSH from 0.4 µIU/mL-4.0 µIU/mL. The referral rate of the children varies from 0.4 µIU/mL to 7.0 µIU/mL. The teenagers or young should have the amount varied from 0.4 µIU/mL-3.0 µIU/mL to be considered normal.

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