United Hospital Dhaka Doctor List 2023

To name a few of the most luxurious and splurged hospitals in Bangladesh, United Hospital comes first. The hospital is located in a highly posh location in Dhaka called Gulshan. It is a 500-bed hospital with all the healthcare solutions and high-quality doctors under its possession. The address of the hospital is Plot Number # 15, Road # 71, Gulshan, Dhaka.

If you want the doctor list, you can simply make a call to the United Hospital. The phone numbers are listed for your convenience. The telephone numbers of the hospital are +88028836444 and +88028836000. To add, the hotline number of United Hospital is 10666 and the cell phone number of the hospital is 01914001234. Moreover, if you want a continued discussion or a detailed query about the hospital, you can email them at <<info@uhlbd.com>>.

You can have a lot of facilities and additional amenities at the hospital. The environment and cleanliness of the hospital are beyond asking. You can also book an appointment with the doctor through a phone call. The hospital has a highly equipped diagnostic center from which you can download the reports online. On top of these, the hospital has started telemedicine services recently which is prescribing medicine through the internet. The hospital authority takes proper care of the privacy of patients in case of complex diseases. The hospital has an adequate female workforce and doctors to secure the privacy issue. United Hospital is fully dedicated to providing a serene environment in Dhaka with a cordial group of staff for providing mental support to the patients.

Health Concern (Ear Infection)

An ear infection is admittedly known as an infection of the middle ear. This disease is usually more common in children than adults.


An ear infection is understood by experiencing pain in the ear. The fatigue causes sleeping trouble, fussiness, and headache. Sometimes the disease generates fever in the child. Also, fluid drainage is seen in many cases. However, hearing impairment is not generally seen as a result of ear infections; hearing problems might occur occasionally from this disease but a continuous occurrence of this disease can lead to hearing impairment as well.


Ear infection develops in the hollow region of the ear which is known as the middle ear. It can occur due to cold or allergic reactions.


Preventing a baby from cold and common types of flu are should be the first approach. Also, keep your baby apart from smoky areas. To help build immunity within your baby, breastfeeding is mandatory. This keeps your baby away from colds, infections, and numerous other diseases. Albeit, regardless of this situation, provide a proper vaccination to your child.


In most cases, an ear infection is cured naturally. For this, a wait-and-see approach is accepted for the first couple of weeks. If the patient is seen to develop a high fever, antibiotics are provided and have been proven fruitful.If the pain seems extreme, a painkiller is suggested. Anesthetic drops are also used if there is no scratch or tear within the ear.

N.B. Any medication without a doctor’s prescription is strictly prohibited.

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