Unity Through Population Service (UTPS) Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Medical care is one of the basic needs of a human. These days most of the people have access to good medical care and for that reason, the life expectancy of the people around the world have increased a lot in the last few years. Not only the life expectancy, but the whole medical scenario of the whole world has changed in the last few years.

There was a time when most of the people around the world did not have access to good medical care and for that reason, a huge number of people have died over the course of time. But these days we have good hospitals, vaccines, good medication and many other things. These things have helped the people to increase the life expectancy and lead a healthy life.

Bangladesh has also come a long way, in terms of medical care. These days almost all kinds of medical treatment are available in the country. There was a time when there was not enough hospital in Bangladesh. But those days are gone and in the era of technological advancement most of the people have access to good medical care.

The people of Bangladesh felt the necessity of good medical care since the country has gained independence. But the population of Bangladesh is very high and it is almost impossible for the public hospitals to take care of all the patients. That’s why people of Bangladesh always looked for private hospitals which were good. But back then there were not enough private hospitals in Bangladesh.

That’s why a number of people every year had to travel abroad to meet their medical care needs as there were not any good private hospital in Bangladesh. But the situation started to change back in the 1980s. From that time on many good private hospitals have started to emerge in the medical scenario of Bangladesh. These hospitals were good but they were not of international standards.

In the early 2000s international standard hospitals have started to appear in the medical scenario of Bangladesh and many other good mid-range private hospitals have also appeared in the medical scenario of Bangladesh. These days the people of Bangladesh do not need to travel abroad to see a doctor as all kinds of medical care is available in the country.

The Unity Through Population Service is an organization which owns hospitals, clinics and many other private medical facilities all over the country. But the main branch of the organization is situated at Uttara, Dhaka. In the main branch of the organization there is also a fully functional hospital. The hospital is housed in building which is 4 stories and a number of services are available here in the hospital.

This is not a high-end hospital by any means but it is a hospital which is of mid-range standard but the service of the hospital is one of the best in the Uttara neighborhood. This is not an international standard hospital but the service of this particular hospital is of international standard. In this hospital there are no emergency units other than that all kinds of modern medical s are available here.

In Bangladesh most of the private hospitals do not have any kind of emergency service. But this hospital has its own diagnostics center and 24/7 emergency ambulance service. The charge of medical care is very affordable here in this medical institution. That’s why it has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. This hospital is fully equipped with all kinds of modern medical technology and medical machinery.

The doctors who work here have vast experience in terms of treating people. These doctors have completed their medical degrees from the well-known medical teaching institutes of the country. The surgeons of the hospital are also very skilled as the percentage of the surgeries are very good here. If you are interested in seeing a doctor from this hospital or if you want to know more about the doctors then just visit the website of the hospital. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-1314-766545.

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