Urine RME Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

Urine RME is tested for examining the microbial factors associated with the particles of urine. Urine RME is short of the term Urine Routine Microscopic Examination. The main purpose of this test is to find any metabolic disorder or kidney disorder associated with that individual human body.

Reach out to the end of the article to find out all about the costs associated to complete this test. The other parts of the article contain various scientific information about the test and its particulars.

If some patient is in chronic pain or any kind of dysfunctionality in the pelvic region, this test could be suggested by the doctor. The sample slide with the urine specimen is observed under the microscope for this test. If a greater amount of glucose or protein or RBS or unexpected substance is found within the urine sample, there is a lot more chance that the patient might have been suffering from kidney disease.

This test is within the group of urine analysis or urinalysis. If any findings is discovered within the sample, other relevant tests are to be done to find a better health suggestion and solution.

Test preparation

This test only involves submitting a urine sample. So, there is no intervention of needles or any other foreign substances. The doctor should be aware of the medications if there are any. Because the doctor can ask for not taking any of the medications which can deviate the protein contents within the blood.

Test particulars

The urine RME test is one of the tests that are kindred with urine analysis. The full urine analysis consists of chemical interaction, microscopic scrutinization, and urine test strip chromatography. The chemical tests involve glucose concentration testing and protein level monitoring while the microscopic examination is dedicated to finding any foreign substance in the vicinity. The microscopic findings can detect cysts, organisms, cells, and urinary casts. In some cases, blood particles are also found which can suggest other kind of diseases of the urinary tract.

The physical aspects of the urine is also tested for better diagnosis. These include odor, clarity, specific gravity, and the color of the urine.

Organs associated

Urine is a byproduct of the body and is dispersed through the final processing unit named the kidney. If there is any passing cells of the body is found, there could be problem related to the kidney most commonly. The test is performed fully within the laboratory and is frequently taken by the patient to test the infections in the urinary tract. This is not only a microbial test but also is a screening process for further evaluation of other diseases. The smells

Urine RME test price in Bangladesh

The test price of the Urine RME test is 400 taka in ICDDRB centers. If you go to some private organizations, the price would be asked a bit higher. Though, many distant regions of Bangladesh could slip you a discount or charge you less according to the credentials of that institute.

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