USG Whole Abdomen Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

USG tests are commonly known as ultrasonogram. USG could also be compared with ultrasonography. It is mainly a sonogram procedure and the result is taken in 2D. Sonogram is a process in which an ultrasound image is used to shape a 2D image. The sonography process is also quite the same and the graph or image is obtained in an image form.

This is a quite simple procedure and is mostly used for diagnosing the condition of a pregnant mother. There are more aspects where this test is taken and they are delivered in the later part of the article along with other scientific information and price.

USG whole abdomen test price in Bangladesh

The price of USG of the whole abdomen is quite constant at a thousand taka per test. The urban cities might ask for a lower rate. If I want to make a quote out of it, the range could be from 800 taka to 1200 taka. The private hospitals of Dhaka can ask you for a higher price and you need to make sure to know about all the associated data regarding the test before conducting it.

Procedure overview of the USG test

There is a standard procedure for the USG test and the test is run on the whole abdomen according to the title of our article. A transducer or probe is placed on the peripheral surface of the abdomen. The data are collected throughout the whole abdomen in this case. The probe emits ultrasound waves that have a standard range of frequencies.

The frequency could be well within 1 megahertz to 5 megahertz. The sound waves passed through the body and get echoed from organs, tissues, and bones. The inner parts of the body and the shapes of the inner organs could be detected by the test. The speed of emitting ultrasound waves used is from 1540 feet per second to 5000 feet per second.

The emitted sound waves from the probe pass through a few of the body regions and the echoed sounds are captured by the probe or transducer. The time difference between the emitted sound waves and captured sound waves (from echo) is counted. This time difference and relevant data are sent to the processing unit of the computers or computing devices. Uncountable rays like this are emitted and assessed. All these data cumulatively help the processing unit to develop a two-dimensional image.

Through this procedure or diagnosis test, the inside part of the body could be observed and diagnosed. Any aberration or inflammation or shapes or scars could be detected by the help of the test.

The report

The report comes as a real-time image on the monitor. The inside condition of the body could be viewed or observed live when the test is being undertaken. Few of the representative images are reported to the doctor or provided as a standard report. This test report is provided within a day usually. The whole procedure can take twenty minutes to one hour. 

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