Uttara Adhunik Medical College Hospital (BMSRI) Doctor list and Contact Phone Number

Bangladesh is now a country which is capable of walking with the rest of the world side by side. Bangladesh has overcome poverty and gained the status of a developing nation a few years back. It is really mesmerizing to see how much a country can gain in a short period of time.

There was a time when the Bangladeshi people had to deal with daily life struggles but those days are long gone. Bangladesh has also participated in the boom of digitalization. We all know that currently we are living in an era of technological advancement and Bangladesh has also adapted with the concept pretty well.

In the past the situation of the country was very much different. As most of the people struggle with proper medical attention and a huge number of people of the country used to travel to neighboring countries especially India or any other countries to get proper medical care.

Because, in the past the number of public hospitals were not very high and the capacity to treat people was also very low in those hospitals. In the past the private medical sector of Bangladesh was also not up to the mark. But with the passage of time the situation has changed and the medical care system of Bangladesh has changed too.

These days the tendency to go abroad for medical purposes has declined by much. Most people of Bangladesh have faith in the medical sector of Bangladesh these days. Bangladesh has put a great amount of emphasis on the medical care system in the last few years and for this reason the number of the hospital has increased by much.

Not only the number of the hospitals but also the quality of the hospitals has also increased over the years. These days, we can find a number of good private and public hospitals all around Bangladesh. Some of the hospitals are also of international standard and some of these hospitals have hired foreign doctors to ensure the international standard in their treatment.

But it is also true that not all the Bangladeshi people have the ability to go to these international class hospitals as these hospitals are very much expensive. A huge number of people of Bangladesh belong to the middle-class part of the society and it is almost impossible for them to seek medical care at this hospital. For that reason, the necessity and the demand for good medical care have increased over the years and to meet the demand many new mid-range hospitals have also emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh.

Uttara Adhunik Medical College Hospital or the BMSRI is one of the few high-end hospitals of Bangladesh. This private medical college hospital started its journey back in 2007 and since then the popularity and recognition of the hospital has gained new heights. This hospital is huge as in a 12 storied building the hospital is established.

All kinds of modern medical care are available in this hospital. All the modern facilities we expect from a world-class hospital these days are also available here. This hospital has a fully decorated modern emergency unit and 50 beds are allocated to the emergency unit. We also know that the intensive care units such as the ICU, CCU, ICCU and many other units are necessary to run an international hospital these days and all these modern facilities are also available here. This hospital also has its modern diagnostic center and here you can do all kinds of tests.

The doctors who work in this hospital are also very much experienced and know how to deal with the patients under maximum pressure. Some of the doctors who work here also acquired medical degrees from medical universities abroad. If you want to see a doctor from this hospital then go to the website of the hospital and there you can find the necessary details. This hospital also has a hotline contact number and the number is: +88-02-8911600.

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