Uttara Crescent Hospital Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

We are currently living in an age of technology. The technology we see and use today has changed the entire system of our livelihood. These days we are very much dependent upon technology and on the internet as we are passing our days. We may be the most intellectual species ever walked on earth and we have invented the most advanced technologies over the years.

With the emergence of technology, the whole medical sector of the world has also been changed. These days, the doctors have the ability to treat and cure a lot of diseases which we used to think are beyond the scope of a cure. Not only the doctors but the whole medical sector as the pharmaceuticals and vaccine industry has also thrived over the years.

In the modern times, we can see a lot of hospitals which are able to provide good medical care and have a number of modern medical facilities and these hospitals can be found all over the world. A few years back, the modern medical industry was only available in the developed countries but the situation has changed as in recent times. We have acknowledged that medical care is a fundamental right of every human being and for that reason, nowadays we see good hospitals all around the world.

The medical sector of Bangladesh has also gone through a huge change in the last few decades and these days all kinds of modern medical treatment is available in Bangladesh. In the past, the people of Bangladesh were solely dependent on the public medical facilities and the capacity of the public hospitals of Bangladesh is not enough for a large population.

For that reason, the people of the country had to rely on the private medical sector but the private medical care sector of Bangladesh was not that good in the past. So, a huge number of people used to travel abroad to fulfill their medical needs. But the days have changed and these days we can find a number of international standard hospitals in Bangladesh. A lot of mid-range private hospitals have also emerged in the medical care sector of Bangladesh over the years.

These hospitals have played a crucial role over the years. The Uttara Crescent Hospital is one of the mid-range hospitals you can find in the country. This hospital is situated in the capital city of the country. The name of the hospital tells us where the hospital is actually situated. It is located at Uttara, a comparatively new part of Dhaka.

Uttara has gained a new population very rapidly in the last few years and with the increase in the population the demand for hospitals have also increased. Crescent Hospitals Ltd is a chain of hospitals located in various parts of Dhaka city and in many other major cities of Bangladesh. Crescent Hospital is known for its good medical care at a very low cost.

The Uttara branch of the hospital is fully equipped with modern medical machinery and all kinds of modern medical facilities are available here at this hospital. Emergency medical care units, intensive care units and many other facilities are available at this hospital. This hospital has its own diagnostics center and all kinds of tests can be conducted here. Crescent hospital Bangladesh also has its 24/7 ambulance service. A total of 200 patients can be admitted into this hospital and the emergency unit has additional 25 beds.

It is a necessary job to discuss the doctors when we are talking about a hospital. The doctors who work in this hospital have huge experience in the field of medical care. The surgeons who work here have performed a number of surgeries over the years without any complications.

These doctors and surgeons also have foreign medical degrees. If you want the appointment of a doctor from this hospital then go to the website. There you will find all the information. The hospital also has an emergency contact number and the number is: +8801917-704156.

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