Uttara Hope Hospital & Diagnostic (Pvt) Ltd Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Medical care is a very essential thing for all human beings. Without proper treatment and medication, a person who is ill can not suffer for much longer or if he/she survives then the person has to go through a huge amount of pain when he/she is ill. Sometimes even when the people are cured from an illness, they need medication so that they can revive from the damage very quickly.

Most of the people around the world take our medical sector for granted and they think that the medical scenario of the whole world is the same. But the problem is the medical sector of the whole world is not the same. In the developed countries we see more advanced hospitals than the hospitals which are based in an underdeveloped country.

Though medical care is a fundamental need of a human being, not all people have access to good medical care. In recent times, Bangladesh has become a developing country but the previous status of the country was an underdeveloped country. With the change in the economic conditions, the country has gone through an enormous number of changes over the years.

Bangladesh is a country which has gained prosperity in a lot of sectors in the last few years and the medical sector is surely one of those sectors. In the past, the medical sector of Bangladesh had gone through very bad times. Bangladesh is a country which has a huge population and the problem of population is not a new one. The dense population of the country made the job of the public hospitals in the past and there was not enough room for all the patients.

When the people of Bangladesh started to realize that the public hospitals can not be the only option, the people of Bangladesh turned to the private medical sector of Bangladesh and the demand for private hospitals increased overnight. But there was a problem too.

In the past most of the private hospitals of Bangladesh did not have the ability to treat patients according to the international standards and for that reason, a great number of people had to go abroad to seek medical attention. But the time has changed and so has the medical scenario of Bangladesh. These days we can find a lot of international class as well as mid-range private hospitals all over the country.

Uttara Hope Hospital and Diagnostic (Pvt) Ltd is one of the mid-range hospitals of Dhaka which have gained a good amount of popularity in a short amount of time. This hospital is located at Uttara, Dhaka. This hospital is a mid-range hospital. But do not think that the quality of treatment is just average here. This hospital has the capability to perform at its best and provide medical care at a very low cost.

It is true that this hospital does not have any emergency unit but other than that all kinds of modern medical care facilities are available here. Ambulance service, neat and clean interior and a bunch of experienced man force makes this hospital special. Besides, the bed count of the hospital is around 100. A lower count of the beds means that the doctors have more time to give to the patients.

This hospital has a lot of departments and all the departments of the hospital consist of doctors who have graduated from good medical institutions. These doctors and the surgeons have vast experience in the field of medical science. The surgeons who work in this hospital have a success rate of above 87%, in terms of surgery. Some doctors who work in this hospital also have medical degrees from world class universities. If you are keen to know more about the doctors who work here just go to the website of the hospital.

This hospital also has an emergency contact number and the number is: +880-1872-625935. Emergency contact numbers play an important role for the hospitals these days.

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