Uttara Modern Hospital Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

We are currently living in a time when we have conquered the world and now, we are looking in the galaxy and looking for a place where we can live just as we live on earth. Presently, we are living in an era of technology and the internet. These days we can do a lot of things from our homes that we couldn’t even think of a decade ago. In the last few years, the world we live in has changed dramatically.

The whole world has changed and with it our lifestyle has also changed by much. With the advancement of technology many other sectors have also improved in the last few years. Medical sector of our current world is one of them. The right of medical care and support is a fundamental need of all the human beings living on earth. Fundamental rights are those rights which help the human to grow in his/her full potential.

The medical sector of Bangladesh has also gone through a huge change in the last few decades. The public medical sector of Bangladesh is good but the main problem is the population of Bangladesh. As most of the government hospitals of Bangladesh do not have the capability to provide medical care for a vast number of people. So, the people of Bangladesh had to rely on the private medical sector of Bangladesh.

But in the past, the private medical sector of Bangladesh was not good enough for the people and most of the people had to travel abroad to get good medical attention and for that reason the people of Bangladesh had to pay a huge amount of money to the foreign hospital.

It is also very much difficult for the patients who suffer from various kinds of illnesses to travel abroad just to seek medical attention. But the time has changed a lot in the last few years and Bangladesh has come a long way in terms of the medical sector.

These days, we can find a number of international standard private hospitals in Bangladesh and all of these hospitals have the ability to provide good medical care at a very affordable cost. Even some of the well-known international hospital chains also started their operation in Bangladesh in the last few years as the demand for more private hospitals have increased by much.

With the emergence of world class private hospitals many mid-range world class hospitals also have emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh. These hospitals have a reputation for good quality medical care at a very affordable price. These mid-range private hospitals play a very crucial role in Bangladesh’s medical sector as most of the Bangladeshi people cannot afford a high-end hospital.

Uttara Modern Hospital is a private hospital which belongs to the mi-range tier. The name of the hospital suggests to us where the hospital is situated. This hospital is situated at Uttara, a rising neighborhood of Dhaka. Uttara is basically a model town and we can say that it is an extended part of Dhaka. In the last few years, the population of this particular area has increased a lot and with the population on the rise the demand for shops, schools, hospitals and many other things have increased here too.

That’s why we can see a number of good hospitals in this area. The Uttara Modern Hospital is housed in a building which consists of 8 stories. The hospital has acquired all the floors of the building. This hospital has a capacity of treating around 250 patients at the same time. This hospital does not have an emergency unit but without the emergency unit this hospital has all the modern facilities such as intensive care units, 24/7 active ambulance service, modern operation theaters and a diagnostic center.

The doctors who work in this hospital have a great amount of experience in the field of modern medical science. If you want to know more about the doctors who work here just visit the website of the hospital. The hotline contact number of the hospital is: +88-02-8914017.

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