VDRL Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

Venereal Disease Research Laboratory test is commonly known as VDRL test. VDRL test is a common blood test to detect the disease of syphilis. This is a screening test to observe whether the patient has been affected by the non-venereal treponematoses virus or not. The disease is mainly caused by any of the four members of the virus type of treponemato.

Methodology of the test

This test conducts a serum testing mechanism. Like most other serum tests the VDRL also depended on the antibody to provide an accurate result. Antibody contains protein and these proteins are synthesized. The synthesized protein are supposed to react against some specific reagents or premised to chemical responses when brought to contact.

This process is relatively a smarter one and can obtain specific results where the white blood cells fail to react. The viral DNA has the capability to fool the HBC while they come in contact if any foreign protein is recognized or any other foreign molecule is found.

The virus of syphilis responds to a specific extract diphosphatidyl glycerol which is originated from the heart tissues of ox. You do not always have the chance to be screened false negative from the result of VDRL test. This test allows your antibody to be tested. Moreover, it does not look out for the bacterial propagation but rather search and reacts with the protein present in the antibody of the test.

This is an accurate test but there is a slight chance of getting wrong from this test. In some of the cases, the patient might be affected by syphilis virus where it needs some time for the virus to mulitiply and create the antibody out of it. The highest time span to create antibody out of that infected virus is three months.

Though, it is much unlikely that the virus would take this much time for creating antibody if the have failed HBC already. Moreover, in some cases, the virus might be slow to disperse. In such event, it can take some time to bring changes to the antibody and make out a false report out of the VDRL test.

VDRL test price in Bangladesh

The price of VDRL test is well within the reach of a normal person. The price of VDRL test can be well within 300 taka at the lowest. Though, in some private hospitals and diagnostic centers, it can be charge from 500 taka to 600 taka.

Sample and Mode of advice

VDRL test is conducted by taking blood samples from the vein. The sample collecting procedure is fairly simple like any other blood drawing method.

The doctor suggests this test seeing some specific conditions into few regions of the body. These common symptoms are mainly skin-related like, inflammation, aberration, mound, puss, swelling, etc.

Prevention and cure

The prevention is quite simple against this disease. One has to keep pelvic hygine and have to appear in protected intercourse. The cleanliness is the key to not getting affected by this test.

Though, if you are tested positive with this test, you can be easily treated by the doctor. If you are within the first stages of syphilis, a single dose injection of benzathine penicillin can treat you out. In advance stages, three doses of benzathine penicillin G is provided over a period of three weeks to cure the disease.

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