X-Ray Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

X-ray is a powerful electromagnetic radiation that is penetrated through one’s body. The ray is such powerful that we can have a seethrough image from the emitted ray, even being crossed onto the body. X-ray is mainly used to examine almost all the parts of the human body and especially bones. The bones are scrutinized if there is any presence of any kind of break or fractures with the help of an X-ray. There is a range of X-ray tests available nowadays. The scientific information about the test and different X-ray prices are listed in this article.

The X-ray wave

It is from the principle of science that, the shorter the frequency length of a wave or ray is, the more powerful that emission become. In the case of X-ray, the radiation ranges from 10 picometers to 10 nanometers. Though more powerful radioactive frequency is produced nowadays. With modern machinery, the frequency can powerful as 30 petahertz to 30 exahertz.

The procedure

The radiation is created through an X-ray tube. In this tube, a high voltage of electricity is used and a potential difference is created. This could also be called a sudden voltage drop and this flow is redirected toward a target region. There is supposed to be a metal plate and film to absorb the radiation. The metal film provides an image of the passing rays. It takes up to twenty minutes to develop a full X-ray from the film.

While the ray is released, it remains intact. Later, when the ray hits the bones, the ray is absorbed by the bones. This absorption creates a faded region in the film and if there is any fracture, that could be detected by inspection of the X-ray film. Moreover, soft radiations are also used to have an observation of the internal organs or tissues.


The X-ray is radioactive. It is better not to get exposed to the rays too frequently or without any reason. It is also possible to get affected by diseases like cancer for extreme exposure to such radiation.

X-Ray test price in Bangladesh

Name of Test Test Price (In BDT/Taka)
Lumbo-Sacral Spine-B/V 600
Chest (Rt. Lateral) 450
Thoracic Spine B/V 600
Chest (Apical View) 450
PNS (OM View) 450
Cervical Spine-B/V 550
Chest Lt. Lateral Decubitus View 450
Chest (Lt. Lateral) 450
Chest (P-A View) for any Paravertebral Soft Tissue Mass 550
Chest for Lateral Aspect of the Ribcage 450
KUB (Plain X-ray KUB Region) 550
Pelvis A/P View 450
Plain X-ray Abdomen 550
Chest (A-P View) 450
PNS B/V 550
Bed Side / Portable X-ray 700
Chest (Lordotic View) 450
Chest P/A-View 450
Chest (Supine View) 450
Chest (Oblique View) 450
Skull B/V 550
Chest Rt. Lateral DecubitusView 450
Abdomen Erect – Posture 550
S.I Joint (B/V) 600
Dorso-Lumbar Spine-B/V 600
Any Joint B/V 550
IVU (With contrast & others) 2500

There could be a little difference in the price as per your location or institute. It is necessary for the patients to carry the results in person to get an accurate result instead of having online reports in recent times. Hence, if you have any more askings about any of the procedures or prices, or methods, please drop us a comment.

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