ZH Sikder Women Medical College and Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

It is really astonishing how our world has changed in the last few decades, especially in the medical sector. The progress is more noticeable than the other sectors. These days doctors all over the world can treat almost all kinds of diseases except a few.

These days the hospitals are also equipped with various kinds of modern technology and the usage of these technologies in the field of medical science has made life easy for both the patients and the doctors. In the last few years, the medical sector of Bangladesh has gone through a major revolution and these days we can find almost all kinds of modern medical technology and service.

Many new private hospitals have emerged in the medical sector of Bangladesh. Some of these hospitals are really good. The ZH Sikder Women Medical College and Hospital is one of those hospitals which can provide international standard medical treatment. This hospital is situated at Banani, a well-known neighborhood of Dhaka city. Banani is a very luxurious residential area of the Dhaka city and here lives one of the most important people of the country.

As the population of this area is increasing day by day the necessity of hospitals in this area is also on the rise. That’s why the ZH Sikder Women Medical College and Hospital started its journey here. This medical college and hospital is housed in a building which is six stories. The ground area this hospital covers is around 15,000 square feet. SO, we can get an idea that this hospital is pretty huge. The bed count of this hospital is around 350 which makes it one of the largest private hospitals of the country.

In this hospital the patients can get almost all kinds of medical treatment they want. As this hospital also has a medical college attached to it that means, all the modern medical machinery is available in this hospital. This hospital is well-known for its world-class services. This hospital has its own ambulance service and this service is available 24/7.

No matter what the time is, just give a call at this hospital and they will send an ambulance right away. The intensive care units are one of the basic features patients hope to find in a hospital these days. But not all the hospitals have the ability to bear intensive care units. But in the ZH Sikder Medical College and Hospital we can find a number of intensive care units and all these units are filled with modern equipment.

The operation theaters of this hospital are top-notch. The operation theaters of this hospital are full of modern technology and equipment. All kinds of operations can be performed here. Another important thing for the hospitals these days is the diagnostic center. This hospital was established with a view to provide proper treatment but without the diagnostic center it is pretty much impossible for the hospital to provide good healthcare. That’s why this hospital has established its own diagnostics center.

The doctors of this particular hospital are very much experienced and have acquired their professional medical degrees from all the well-known medical institutes of the country. These doctors also have a very good record in the field of medical care. The surgeons who work in this hospital are very much skilled and have done a lot of successful operations since the establishment of the hospital.

The other medical staff of the hospital are also very much trained. These days it is a very common tendency among the people to know about all the details about a hospital before they go to one. To know more about this hospital, visit the website of this hospital.

Without the helpline contact number, it is very much difficult for a hospital to maintain its services. The patients also these days expect a hospital to have these contact numbers. These numbers help the patients to be connected with the patients more easily. The contact number of the hospital is:

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